The Top 10 Social Media Profiles From The UK's Most Influential Brands
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The Top 10 Social Media Profiles From The UK's Most Influential Brands

The Top 10 Social Media Profiles From The UK's Most Influential Brands

Social media - it seems the world has gone nutty for it, but there's one big reason why so many brands are heading online...

Millions of people on a global scale all use social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and they provide a guaranteed opportunity to reach your target audience with ease.

These platforms aren’t just reserved for B2C businesses either, B2B can also make good use of social media if they do it right.

Don’t believe us? Take a look below at how some of the world’s best brands are using their social platforms to generate buzz, raise brand awareness and promote their products.


1. Cadbury - Twitter

Cadburys always seem to do well when it comes to advertising, and this is also apparent on their social media accounts.

If you head over to Twitter then you’ll see that the brand are making the most out of this platform. They even have their own emoji, a little Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. This occurs when you use their hashtag - which of course encourages people to interact with the hashtag too. This, in turn, lets Cadburys follow the discussion around their products.

We have to admit, we’re a little tempted to try the emoji out ourselves!


2. easyJet - Facebook

Another popular platform for brands is Facebook. This is especially true for B2C businesses, as a lot of their customers are using these platforms. easyJet recognise this, and they have managed to rack up an impressive like count that exceeds way over 1 million.

They use the platform to promote their offers and even have an easy ‘Book Now’ function so that you can easily get access to their website. We’re sure your fans will appreciate being given a heads up about all the amazing easyJet offers!


3. Universal Orlando - Instagram

If you have already had your Summer holiday for the year and want to think about your next break, then the Universal Orlando Instagram could be the inspiration you’re looking for.

This account posts videos of rides, fantastic shots of the parks and hotels both day and night, and they certainly get you in the mood for a holiday.

They’ve amassed 700k followers, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see this growing even more in the years to come!


4. Cosmopolitan UK - Twitter

Cosmopolitan have a range of Twitter accounts across the different countries they publish in, but their UK account is one that does well.

They often post celebrity news, increasing their click through rate to the Cosmo website. They’re also fond of clickbait material, which may be irritating from other accounts but actually works on this one as it’s something that their target audience will be interested in.


So far they’ve amassed 353k followers - keep up the good work, guys!


5. Audi - Instagram

Audi is a make of cars, as you’re probably well aware, and another thing that photographs just as well as good is shiny new vehicles!

They have 5 million followers, which is incredibly impressive! And we’re not surprised - take a look at their account below.


They regularly get both hundreds of likes and comments  on each of their pictures, making them an account all of us brands can definitely aspire to.


6.  LEGO - Facebook

LEGO have racked up an impressive 11.5 million followers on Twitter (18 of which are actually some of my own Facebook friends), and we’re not surprised. The account looks professional with the bold logo as the display picture and  lovely header - which currently features the Star Wars LEGO game.

As you can see, a recent post from the account amassed an amazing 3.6k reactions as well as 255 shares - we imagine the reach of this post was huge, and we commend LEGO for doing something really interesting posts that their fans clearly love.


7. adidas - Twitter

Sports brands tend to be really popular with people in the UK, and adidas is no different. They have a respectable 2.82 million followers on Twitter, and they post regularly to keep fans interested.

What we really like about this account is that they use both video and imagery to really get their point across and promote their products and brand - and it’s done really well, too.

Above is a screengrab from a video created by adidas celebrating the signing of Paul Pogba to Manchester United.

They also use a lot of celebrity endorsement to sell their products, which works really well on this platform too.


8. Thomson Holidays - Instagram

One of the best things about any holiday is taking some amazing photographs to remember it by - and Thomson Holidays make full use of this on their Instagram account.

As you can see they really manage to get their audience inspired for a holiday - and they receive over 400 likes for most of their posts. Keep up the inspiring work, Thomson!


9. John Lewis - Facebook

Another account reaching the millions on Facebook is John Lewis. You can expect a clean finish and imagery alongside some really stylish posts.

This post here is typical of the John Lewis style, and as you can see it’s a popular one. It has gathered 3.3k likes, and 39 shares too. Plus, their dinnerware set looks amazing on this shot!


10. Rimmel London - Twitter

What we really love about the Rimmel Twitter account is that’s it’s clear this brand is making the most of community management. They interact with popular television shows and their cast, and they get a conversation flowing.

But as well as this, they also post images like the one below


They could do better with this by using hashtags, but not all brands like them and that’s entirely their call. But when it comes to interacting with others and building relationships, it seems Rimmel London is well on their way!


They even live-tweeted an episode of Made In Chelsea last night, take a look at the results here.

Rimmel understands what their fans are interested in, and this is so incredibly important when it comes to making a success of a brand’s social media efforts.


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