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Taking ownership of results is key to success!

Taking ownership of results is key to success!

Too many times, agencies are asked and accept the task of working to a vague and formulaic brief. It’s a traditional method for creating an input for success with an output that’s focussed on client satisfaction.


This is fine as a one-off, but where’s the ownership of results? Why should an agency be able to walk away without a seeming care in the world, leaving the marketing manager to navigate the outcomes? What if the agency was challenged, not with a brief, but with a marketing objective? A singular commercial objective. All of a sudden it becomes a shared responsibility, a partnership, a smarter way  to work together. A need to create smaller steps that constantly appraise, check back and refine and are always in-line with where you want to get to.


  • The agency starts to think at a commercial level - not only about the delivery of a project but how it contributes to your overall goal. 

  • Having the agency put together the metrics ensures that they are thinking strategically. 

  • It gives the agency an incentive - everyone wants to strive for more and this is the best measure of that objective.

  • It allows you to recognise when something isn’t working and change and adapt quickly - if the agency is seeing this first hand, then they’ll be sure to have thought of it first.

  • It creates a divested partnership - one of shared responsibility, with shared objective and targets. 

  • You’ll have clear, measured KPIs to share with the senior team and this ultimately reflects better on you - with the freedom to concentrate on the things that really add value. 

Monthly updates and quarterly reviews play a key factor and this is a key discipline to maintain as months and quarters come around quickly. Removing the need to make sudden wholesale changes when problems are drawn- out. Fine tuning through regular updates and communication means trends can be captured and acted on without those unexpected surprises.

We call this approach Smarter Within™ because it’s exactly that, a smarter way of working together, that puts the agency within your business, striving to deliver a singular goal. Silver Bay Holiday Village is a testament to this exact way of working, when they presented the challenge to generate sales of 14 luxury holiday homes per year, Pixel8 set about reviewing all elements of their integrated marketing strategy.


With a defined budget and a clear objective, it was up to the combined team to determine the best mix of digital channels and activities to deliver enough leads to fulfilling the objective. By Working Smarter together, the strategy has been refined over time and year-on-year growth not only in numbers of lodges sold, but the price that they are sold at has generated a third more income than was originally targeted.

Success breeds success as the old adage goes, and never is this truer than when building a successful sales marketing pipeline. By going beyond the agency-client relationship, Pixel8 take complete ownership of the key marketing metrics that drive and ultimately generate sales. Real-time reporting is then supplemented by monthly reports and quarterly workshops, and all with the single focus of owning and rising to the commercial challenge.

“After a long search for the right partner who understands our business, ethos and vision, we were delighted to find pixel8. On every level, the pixel8 team has exceeded our expectations. We have a clear plan and strategy which is already bringing phenomenal results.”


Jamie Hughes - General Manager


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