Strategies for driving Food & Beverage revenue in the UK travel and leisure sector - Case Studies by Pixel8
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Strategies for Driving Food & Beverage Revenue in the UK Travel and Leisure Sector - Case Studies by Pixel8

Strategies for Driving Food & Beverage Revenue in the UK Travel and Leisure Sector - Case Studies by Pixel8

To say the food and beverage industry is competitive would be an understatement. With so many brands, from artisans to large multinational franchises competing for the spend of hungry consumers, the turbulence of this industry demands constant innovation and creativity. Winning strategies demand a focus on creative innovation based on strategic planning, industry expertise, clever positioning and an unsurpassed understanding of the market. That’s how we do it here at Pixel8.

Here’s a culmination of our best restaurant branding work to date. From Hollywood Bowl to Hotel Indigo, we’ve joined together with some of the biggest brands to revolutionise how they present their food and beverage offerings and enabled them to become a gourmet destination in their own right.


The Deck House, Silver Bay

As part of their £2.5 million holiday park investment, Silver Bay Holiday Village, Anglesey came to Pixel8 for support with the repositioning of their food and beverage offering. They needed to elevate the owner’s ‘Club House’ from an everyday local, to a place where new residents and Anglesey residents alike would flock for a taste of style, relaxation and luxury that’s synonymous with Silver Bay.

Our main aim was to make The Deck House a destination in its own right, beyond the scope of residents - and the results have been incredible.

This included naming, brand positioning, logo development, and brand assets to leverage across print and digital channels.

Since opening for the first time in July, sales have been up by more than 300% and both spend per visitor and the number of customers has risen significantly.

Now, The Deck House is becoming recognised as one of the best places to eat on Anglesey.

To find out more about the project, explore the case study here.


Hollywood Bowl, Diner

We’ve also been working closely with another leisure brand, Hollywood Bowl. As the UK’s largest provider of bowling centres, they are currently undertaking a multi-million-pound refurbishment across their estate. With an exciting new Americana proposition on the horizon, the brand needed Pixel8’s branding, design, and positioning expertise to support their new proposition in a highly competitive market.

With the nature of retail and leisure parks, brands fight for the spend of consumers. With many stand-alone eateries in the local area, we had to create a proposition that could compete with the likes of Frankie & Benny's and Five Guys.

Hollywood Bowl approached Pixel8 as they required new diner POS and a revitalised menu design to present the refreshed experience to customers and challenge preconceived beliefs about the quality of food offerings in bowling alleys.

Key to the refreshed menu design was the food photography itself. Shooting in-centre with the Americana backdrop and accessories helped to anchor the proposition. Leading food stylists also helped to capture the quality and taste of food on offer.

Finally, back in the studio, the menu design was curated to showcase the photography and help customers navigate the options available. The Americana theme was carried throughout to create a distinct dining experience above and beyond the bowling alley location.

Since then, sales and spend have risen exponentially, and the Diner brand is being rolled out across Hollywood Bowl centres over the coming years.

To find out more about the Diner and the work we did, have a look here.



Starter’s Orders - National Athletics Centre

When food offerings are based at centres famed for other things, they can sometimes fall to the wayside - and this is precisely what occurred at the cafe at the National Athletics Centre, based at Sports City, Manchester.

They traditionally had a poor eatery focusing mostly on snacks, but they came to us here at Pixel8 hoping that we could create a proposition that reflected the overall offering of the venue.

The first thing we did was to create a brand and name around Starter's Orders, and then we developed the interior design of the restaurant. This allowed Starter’s Orders to become a destination in its own right for those visiting the area - including the Man City football ground.

Again, sales and spend rose after the brand revamp. Take a look at some of the images below to see what we achieved.


Hotel Indigo - Neighbourhood Story

Pixel8 helped IHG in Atlanta to create the Hotel Indigo brand, including refreshing their logo, creating brand guidelines from scratch and commissioning global photography to support the brand proposition. So it's no surprise that when Hotel Indigo want to develop unique propositions for their in hotel F&B offerings, they come to us.

The Hotel Indigo brand is centred around the 'Neighbourhood Story' of each hotel location.

The food & beverage offerings on the properties we worked with across Europe had to exude the local area and said ‘Neighbourhood Story’ - and the main idea was to bring local culture inside the hotel properties, which would then mean that guests didn’t have to go out to experience local tastes.

Another aim of the project was to encourage passing trade. A lot of the hotels we worked with are situated on busy streets, so there was definitely a revenue opportunity being missed prior to the restaurant rebrands.

Take a look at the some of the concept art below and you’ll soon see how we managed to turn these properties into destinations in their own right.

For Hotel Indigo Basking Ridge in New Jersey we developed the name, branding design and proposition for their in hotel eatery ‘The Dead River Pub’.  Named after a tributary of the Passaic River that has its source in Somerset County, New Jersey, the contemporary bistro pub is a haven for locals and guests alike.

Wallace’s Taproom is the in house restaurant within the Hotel Indigo Pittsburgh East Liberty. It is an American tavern with a nod to the prohibition era, hence the branding design incorporating Art Deco elements to reflect the hotel’s stunning interior.

Chambers is located in the Hotel Indigo Anaheim. The local hotel area was known as ‘Chambers Ranch’ and was home to a number of farms with heritage dating back to the 1900’s. The main produce of these farms was citrus, cattle, poultry and walnut. In fact, almost half of the US’s Walnuts are produced here, therefore we incorporated these elements into the logo to give a modern, crisp feel whilst retaining a nod to the history of the area.

Located in Printer’s Alley, the Hotel Indigo® Nashville Downtown hotel sets the beat in downtown Nashville. The District Bar and Kitchen is named after a historic area of downtown comprising of three historic districts and their contiguous areas in downtown Nashville; Broadway, 2nd Avenue/Riverfront and Printers Alley, collectively known as The DISTRICT. The logo reflects the eclectic and creative nature of the urban area.


Jurys Inn

Another hotel provider who wished to improve their food and beverage offering was Jurys Inn - and of course, they came to us.

Our main aim was to develop a new Grill proposition which involved designing a menu that looked both exciting and enticing, and also providing a distinct re-positioning of the menu to ensure their restaurant offering could stand out on its own as a destination - and not just as a hotel restaurant.

There are a few examples of the work we did which we’ve gathered together below, so why not take a look and discover how we managed to refresh the food & beverage offering so that it was able to stand on its own two feet?


Pixel8 and Food & Beverage Rebranding

Overall we have successfully created new food & beverage offerings for a variety of brands across the UK and Europe.

We developed destinations that were ordinarily only used by those attending the properties for other reasons, ie, hotel stays. We also refreshed tired propositions to give them a key point of difference when it came to standing out from local and regional competition.

This blog proves that we can increase new customers, average spend and the frequency of visits with clever branding - and our proposition projects have afforded us the chance to demonstrate the proven longevity of such endeavours.

Think your eaterie could do with a sprinkling of Pixel8 magic? Call Jamie Watson today on 0161 228 6489. We’d be more than happy to drive the results you need in order to morph your food and beverage offering into a destination in its own right.

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