The Social Media Updates That Are Taking Social Media by Storm!
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The Social Media Updates That Are Taking Social Media by Storm!

The Social Media Updates That Are Taking Social Media by Storm!

We love to interact with our followers and post useful content on social media - and we’ve noticed recently that some of the platforms are starting to look a little different!

From exploding hearts through to polls and image creation, it seems both social platforms and software packages can’t help but introduce a new feature every time we blink.

And we’re super excited about it!

So just what are the changes we've come across? And just how will they affect your digital marketing efforts?

Let’s explore!


Twitter’s Exploding Hearts

Yes, you read that correctly. Twitter have now introduced a way to 'like' other tweets in the form of miniature exploding hearts.

Although clicking on them is highly addictive, the hearts do mean that Twitter has removed 'favourites' - and the star icon has also gone too. 

This means that when you visit your own Twitter profile, you’ll find that all of your stored favourited tweets are history.

We are rather sad about this (we had a lot of dancing dogs saved on there), but as we bid farewell to them it’s also important for users to remember that this is no longer a way to store tweets and return to them later.


Even though the new hearts are a refreshing change, it remains to be seen how this update will affect the amount of favourites/likes tweets receive. This is largely because there’s a big difference between what hearts and stars symbolise.

For example, a star is a rather subtle way to  express appreciation of a tweet, but a heart declares outright love for it.

The heart, of course, is supposed to symbolise a ‘like’ on Twitter,  but it'll be a challenge for the company to redefine what people perceive a them to actually symbolise - which of course is love.

As comedian Ed Gamble quite rightly pointed out:


Tweet from Ed Gamble about Twitter hearts


How this will affect how users react to tweets will only become apparent over time - but we want to know what your thoughts are.

Vote on ’s latest poll and let us know if you’re Team Hearts of Team Stars - and make sure you tell us why!


Twitter voting


Buffer Image Creation

If you use Buffer to schedule any of your social media posts, then you may have noticed that there’s now an image creation feature.

Known as ‘Pablo’, this feature allows you to easily upload and use an image on your post that you can then overlay with text. You can also turn it black and white, change the contrast and even blur it if you so wish!

You can use one Pablo’s inspiring quotes or put your own text on. Whatever it is you choose to do, we recommend that you go for it and get creative!


Twitter Polls

There’s been another update on Twitter that has now been rolled out to all users and that’s the ‘poll’ function.

You’ll notice it’s located just before your character count when it comes to writing a new tweet, and it really is a brilliant way to gather the opinions and viewpoints of your audience.

Sadly, you can only have two answers on the poll so far - and it’s also worth remembering if you are going to use the feature to not go overboard. Your followers don’t want to see polls every two seconds!

But for feedback once and awhile, the poll function is incredibly useful indeed.

Below is a great example of getting polls just right from Florida Trip Guides.


Florida Trip Guide example of Twitter poll


The Future of Social Media

We know that there’s new features heading our way every week on social media platforms - there simply has to be for them to stay relevant and attract users. But we love a good change so we’re excited to see where they go!

We now look towards Facebook to see if they can keep up with Twitter's new updates. The company currently have a reaction button in the line up to replace 'likes' - and it's being trialled in Ireland. It will certainly be intriguing to see if and when Facebook plan to roll this out across the world, and the affect it will have too. 

Are there any other features coming across social platforms and software packages that you know about?

Let us know on Twitter .


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