Social Media Help For Small Businesses
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Social Media Help For Small Businesses

Social Media Help For Small Businesses

Social media isn’t just for big businesses. In fact, social platforms are a great way to get people talking about small businesses and encourage people to invest in your products/services.

However, it’s sometimes more difficult to manage social accounts if you’re an SME, simply because you don’t have the staff.

That’s why we’ve decided here at pixel8 to support those who need it with a few hints and tips in our blog.

We hope you learn something valuable to your company’s social media efforts and improve your accounts tenfold!



A great account for small businesses is Facebook, and this is especially true if you’re a small local business trying to target people in your area.

You can invite people you already know from the area to like your page and encourage them to invite others too. This will get people talking about your business and spread your brand awareness with ease.

As well as this, ensuring you have good reviews on social is another way to get the word about your business out there.

All you need to do is ask all those happy customers to leave feedback, and then people who are considering your business or products will see it.

As well as this, if you really want to target people in your area then you can target your Facebook ads to aim for the right age, location, similar likes and more.

However, don't be put off by this, as you don’t need to spend any more on Facebook if you don’t want to.

As long as you post often with useful content that people who like your page will be interested in, you should be onto a winner!



Another brilliant account to have for any SME is Twitter.

Again, Twitter is free, and it’s a great way to drive traffic towards your website and increase sales without spending lots of money.  

The way to generate followers on Twitter is to do some social listening and begin chatting with people tweeting about thing relevant to your business.

You also need to push good content out on the platform such as useful blog posts. People will retweet these for you if they’re good enough. Make sure you pay attention to the ones that get traction because from there you can figure out why they're working and make improvements! 

Remember to always keep your following to follower ratio at the right level too. You want to have more people following you then the amount of people you follow because it increases your Twitter Clout score and also makes your profile look more professional and trustworthy in the eyes of others.


A lot of companies haven’t unlocked the potential of social media promotion via Instagram, but if you have a particularly colourful office or work with products that would be great to photograph, you can create a really wonderful Instagram account with ease.

If you want to encourage followers on there, make sure everyone’s aware that you’re on Instagram. Put the links at the bottom of your email and add them onto any business cards or packaging.

It’s also a good idea to perhaps inject a bit of humour into your Instagram account to get people talking about it, and make sure your photos are exceptionally beautiful. An image of your printer in the office, for example, simply won't make the cut. 



Another account great for B2B SMEs is LinkedIn. But why is this?

Well, it’s simple to reach the kinds of people that make decisions on Twitter. Usually those in high up positions will be active on there, meaning your posts will be in the eyes of the right people.

It’s also easy to spread around on LinkedIn, as one comment or like will see your post head on other user’s walls very quickly indeed.

On top of this you can also create ads on LinkedIn, and if you’re sharing content that’s useful then other professionals that see it will share them, leading to your brand awareness shooting up without too much effort from yourself.


What To Post

There's only one thing worse than not being on social media, and that is having an account that's inactive. Not only does it look unprofessional, people will probably think your business isn't running anymore. 

So what do you post to make sure this doesn't happen?

If you have a blog, make sure you start sharing this content on social media. People will find it useful and will probably like or repost it for you.

Another thing you can do is find relevant articles online that you users might like to see too. This will keep people interested in your account and as well as keeping your profile up to date.  

However, always make sure you don't post things from competitors. You don't want to be doing their promotion for them!


Social Media and SMEs

Social Media is great for driving traffic to your website and getting the word out about your business. But it can be hard for SMEs to find the time to manage these accounts effectively.

That’s where we come in.

We’re great with social and getting your business in front of the right people. Whether you want to invest in paid advertising or grow your following organically, we can offer assistance and help you reach social media superstardom.

To find out more, give us a call on 0161 228 6489. You can also fill in our contact form and someone will be in touch shortly!

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