Sketch Vs. Figma and The Latest Keyword Research Advice From Moz - Explore The Pixel8 Weekly Trends
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Sketch Vs. Figma and the Latest Keyword Research Advice from Moz - Explore the Pixel8 Weekly Trends

Sketch Vs. Figma and the Latest Keyword Research Advice from Moz - Explore the Pixel8 Weekly Trends

As we head into the third month of 2017, it’s clear that development and innovation in marketing, branding and web development has no intention of slowing down.

Whether it’s unveiling the latest ad trends, or launching one of the most extensive online logo archives ever created, the sector is thriving, and there’s lots to be learnt for enthusiasts that want to keep ahead of the game.

For those looking for an easy way to keep abreast of the latest industry developments, it doesn’t get much better than our weekly trends series.

You can explore posts from previous weeks here, and if you’re curious to know why the series has proven so useful for marketing and branding managers nationwide, take a look below at our highlights for the 2nd week of March.


Video Ad Trends - The Drum

The Drum has reported some striking video marketing statistics this week that have turned common video marketing beliefs on their head.

According to their source, television accounted for 93.8% of video ads viewed in the UK, leaving the likes of YouTube and social media viewing in the dust.  

This is an incredibly important stat for marketers who have already, or are considering, making video an integral part of their previous campaigns.

It’s long been thought that digital is key for marketing this format; a place where brands can generate real-time results and reach vast audiences. This new information from The Drum, however, will leave branding and marketing managers reconsidering their current video strategy and debating whether television could be the way to go in the future.

To find out more about the report, take a look here.


Keyword Research Advice - Moz

Any effective marketing strategy has keywords at the heart of it. Whether your aim is to get a new landing page to rank, or whether you’re hoping to improve the listings of your current domain - keywords are vital to success in the eyes of Google.

So where can marketing enthusiasts find the best resource to improve their keyword knowledge?

Moz have provided an excellent long-form blog this week focusing entirely on this subject. Featuring videos tutorials, as well as links to further resources, it will enable readers to discover all they need to know about improving their keyword SEO knowledge.

The article can be viewed in full over on their website.  


Logo Archives - Logobook Website Launch

A great logo is at the heart of any brand, and for those seeking inspiration, a group of Swiss designers have created an online resource known as Logobook.

Featuring a wide array of brand logos that date back 50 years, the main aim of the resource is to inspire designers who are looking to create innovative designs - and also to show them what has been done before to avoid any copyright infringements.

The logo collection is available online and can be viewed in full right here over on the Logobook website. The article from Creative Review about the topic, which features an interview from the site’s editor Seymour Auf Der Maur, can be found here.


15 Creative Lead Generation Ideas - HubSpot

Generating leads is a challenge for even the most seasoned of marketers, so when a resource appears online with new ways to meeting KPIs, you should have it bookmarked.

HubSpot claim the 15 methods they’ve listed are ‘tried and true’, so they’re a great starting point for coming up with your own innovative ideas to get those critical leads.

From creating lists to generating innovative content ideas such as quizzes, HubSpot have gathered together an extensive collection of ideas that will inspire your future campaigns.


Sketch Vs. Figma - Smashing Magazine

If you work in web development, you’ll probably be aware that there has been a surge over recent months of UI design tools.

However, due to the saturated market it can be hard to decide which is the right platform for the current needs of your business.

Two of the most popular tools are Sketch and Figma, and to help users better understand which will be most useful to them, Smashing Magazine have created a showdown article.

Outlining a range of key points, such as usability, pricing and file sharing, the article can be read in full right here - and will provide those in the market for a UI Design Tool with the foundation they need to make the right decision for them.



We hope our weekly trends have provided you with some helpful insight whether you work in marketing, branding or web design. If there’s anything we’ve missed, why not visit us over on social and let us know?

And if you missed last week's weekly trends - don’t fear! Explore them here.


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