Rebrand or Refresh? Which is best for your business?
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Rebrand or Refresh? Which is best for your business?

Rebrand or Refresh? Which is best for your business?

People are protective of their brands - and can you blame them? A brand is what tells the story of your business. It’s what gives potential customers an insight into what your brand personality and ethos are all about.

So when it comes to considering a brand refresh or rebrand, it’s not surprising it makes some people a little nervous.

But if it’s done right, a brand refresh or complete rebrand for your business can open you up to a world of new business.


Rebrand vs Refresh

So what’s the difference between a rebrand and a brand refresh?

A rebrand is a complete new page for your business. It’s taking your old brand, defining what isn’t working, and then changing it so that it does.

Whether this means having a conversation about your brand message, or perhaps redesigning your logo and changing up your tone of voice, a rebrand can help solidify a struggling business right at the heart of the market they want to be a part of.


So What’s a Refresh?

Image of a lemon having some water poured onto it.

A brand refresh is a way to breathe a new lease of life into your current brand.

It’s the option for you if you feel your brand is working already but could do with a little tweaking. Perhaps it’s not looking modern enough or the fonts and style are a little dated. A refresh allows you to carry on the same as you are but put a brand new twist on what you’re putting out there.

But what are the benefits of both of these branding avenues?


The Benefits of a Rebrand

Most people come to the decision of a rebrand when they feel like their current brand isn’t working.

However, this isn’t the only reason.  

Sometimes brands decide to rebrand because their business has changed in some way. Perhaps you’ve introduced new lines and your brand no longer represents your business correctly, or maybe you’ve decided you want to target a new audience? A rebrand might also need to be in place because your market’s changed.

But what does it actually entail? Usually, you’ll gain the following as part of a rebrand:


And the perfect thing to support a new brand refresh is an integrated marketing push too.

But what are the main benefits of a rebrand?

  • A rebrand is a fresh start for your business

  • It gives you the chance to get your brand spot on and increase your sales

  • It offers the opportunity to stand out in crowded marketplaces

  • It’s a chance to change the conversation around your business.


If you’d like to do the above things without changing your brand, then that’s where a brand refresh can come in useful.


The Benefits of a Brand Refresh

Coloured pencils lined up in a row.

A brand refresh will keep your existing brand in place - as much as you want it to be. It’ll allow you to reflect and see what’s working with your brand and what isn't - and then you can refresh the areas where things could be better.

A refresh will take a look at the same things a rebrand would, but it’s up to you to cherry-pick what’s important. From there you’ll be able to tweak until you feel your brand is right on target when it comes to the message of your business.

So what are the main benefits of a brand refresh?

  • It keeps the things you love and improves the weak parts of your brand

  • It means that your customers will still recognise your brand if they’ve come to trust you

  • It’ll give you an edge over your competitors

  • Your business gets a new lease of life without changing everything

  • You get the most professional look possible for your brand.


Sound like something your business could be interested in? Then keep reading!


Could Your Business Benefit From a Rebrand or Refresh?

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