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Pixel8's Weekly Branding and Marketing Trends - 25/11.

Pixel8's Weekly Branding and Marketing Trends - 25/11.

Our weekly trends blog is back once again, bringing marketing and branding managers the very latest news, hints and tips in the industry! 

Below we pay homage to the world of branded emojis, the Twitter Awards, the return of Brush Lettering and much more.

So if you’re looking for all the latest news and updates in one place, this is the blog for you.


1. Branded emojis

Adweek recently reported that 92% of online consumers use emojis, and this week Twitter also published an article detailing how branded emojis can help brands achieve social media success.

They claim that campaigns with branded emojis increase their brand presence on the Twitter platform, and also that they have the ability to generate the amazing results below:

Image sourced from marketing.twitter.com

For a guide to all things branded emoij, take a look here. It’s a fantastic go-to guide for marketers on the move who are considering integrating this social tactic into their next campaign.


2. The Return of Brush Lettering

We’re just as much designers as we are marketeers here at Pixel8, and we’re pleased to see the resurgence of Brush Lettering this week!

Calligraphy and penmanship are finally back in style, and Smashing Magazine are at the forefront of coverage on their website. Take a look here and explore some of the most popular types of brush lettering and how they could be useful for your brand. There’s also a go-to guide for the best way to recreate brush lettering - perfect for curious designers.


3. Content Shares

Struggling to get your content shared online no matter what you do? Then this article from Top Rank Marketing could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Top Rank Marketing are an industry leader when it comes to blogging about the industry, and this week they’ve launched a piece on why most content doesn’t get social shares - and how you can turn this around.

There’s some great advice in here as well as some intriguing stats that all marketing managers need to know. Be sure to have a peek if you’re struggling to generate the kind of reach you need to meet your content marketing KPIs.


4. Automatic Technical SEO Reports

If you’re an SEO guru looking for a way to automate your reports then this latest development is for you.

The SEO experts MOZ published an article this week outlining a way for branding and marketing managers to receive alerts when their website encounters problems that could affect their SEO progress.

You’ll need some understanding of code to implement their advice, but the main idea is to make sure that you directly receive reactive SEO alerts, rather than having to go and seek them out on platforms such as Google Search Console.


5. The Twitter Awards Winners!

Image sourced from www.marketing.twitter.com.

There have been some amazing Twitter campaigns across 2016, and for the first time ever Twitter launched their to celebrate the very best of the best.

The results have been announced on their website and there are some fantastic campaigns to explore right here

What we really love about this awards event is that it takes into account campaigns from all around the world, creating a platform for all types of successful campaigns to be appreciated. We might even enter ourselves next year!

If you fancy winning a Twitter Award for yourself in 2017 be sure to follow this Twitter account and keep an eye out for next year’s launch in April.


Pixel8 & You

If you enjoyed our marketing and branding trends, why not take a look at the blog from last week too? We discussed virtual reality, the latest social report from Buffer, and Facebook’s brand new social media management app.

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