The Pixel8 Weekly Trends Blog! 2/12/2016
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The Pixel8 Weekly Trends Blog! 2/12/2016

The Pixel8 Weekly Trends Blog! 2/12/2016

It's the 2nd of December, and we're back and ready to bring you even more branding and marketing news that landed online this week. 

This week we'll be looking at how you can maximise your sponsored content efforts on LinkedIn, looking at Facebook's new Creative Hub and much more. 

So let's begin. 

1. LinkedIn Sponsored Content Guide

Sponsored content rules can be a minefield sometimes, which is why one of LinkedIn’s latest blog posts is incredibly useful for marketers.

They’ve created and published go-to piece of content that will help marketers create effective LinkedIn sponsored posts that deliver amazing results. There’s even a free eBook at the end all about Native Advertising that some users might find useful!

Click here to explore the article and learn how to formulate a sponsored content strategy from the guys who know exactly how it’s done.


2. The Drum’s Brand 2020 Initiative

There are few things more complicated than the ever-changing face of marketing - but to try and second guess the changes coming our way in the future, The Drum are questioning what Brands will look like in the year 2020.

They’ve enlisted a host of experts who all have different ideas of what this could be like, and it’s a great place to go if you’re hoping to keep your brand ahead of the competition in your sector.

The future is now, as some people like to say. And we think they’ve got a bit of a point when it comes to keeping ahead of the marketing game.


3. Facebook’s Creative Hub

Designed to help people improve mobile viewing in their campaigns, Facebook’s Creative Hub is a fantastic piece of tech designers will adore.

The tool is designed to assist creatives with experimenting with content creation, offering a platform where they can try new formats and see how they will look when appearing on a mobile screen.

There’s a handy video that explains it all in a little more detail which you may want to check out on their website. All you need to access their Creative Hub is a Facebook account, and if you have a business account, Facebook are also offering the chance for employees to collaborate on design creation.


4. Marketo’s 31 Influencers to follow in 2017

Just like we’re gathering all the latest marketing news in one place for your ease, Marketo are also pulling together all the latest influencers in marketing so that you can keep up to date with any new sector developments.

Their 31 influencers are being launched over their social platforms one per day to celebrate December, and it’s a really good place to start if you want to know where marketing is heading according to the experts.

You can find Marketo’s Twitter account here. And while you’re there it’s probably best to follow ours, too!


5. YouTube’s 4K Live Streaming

Perhaps you’re wondering why this is news, YouTube have, after all, been offering 4k live streaming since 2010. But for the first time ever, they’re now offering this technology on 360 degree videos, as well as the rest of the standard videos on the channel.

4K is a huge step up from HD, and YouTube are reporting that it shows 8 million pixels as well as having four times more definition in the image than 1080p video.

It’s a huge step for live videos, and it’s a great place to begin if you want to showcase your brand live on the channel.


Pixel8’s Weekly Trends

That’s all for this week, but be sure to check back next Friday when we’ll have a whole new host of updates that could revolutionise your marketing and branding strategies.

Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date, and take a look here to explore last week’s topic. They’re still relevant, and there are some golden nuggets of news you won’t want to miss!


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