Pixel8 Takeover All FM For A Training Day With A Difference...
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Pixel8 Takeover All FM For A Training Day With A Difference...

Pixel8 Takeover All FM For A Training Day With A Difference...

Here at Pixel8, we enjoy making team training a regular part of life in the office. Whether it’s a day walking or generating new skills in a new environment, it has fantastic benefits on staff morale, staff relationships, and also provides the team with new skill sets that they can incorporate into their roles in the office.

Recently, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to take up a training day at ALL FM radio station in Levenshulme. Specialising in community radio, and providing voices on air for people from all backgrounds, ALL FM provided Pixel8 with a fantastic day that was not only beneficial in terms of building relationships within various teams, but also one that was immensely enjoyable.

By opting for more relaxed team building activities as opposed to corporate training, the team felt more creative and even confident than ever before. Below we’ve recapped what our day entailed, as well as how we found the skills we developed at ALL FM useful back in the Pixel8 studio.


Friday Morning

During team building days, staff can easily become desensitised – especially when it comes to getting to know one another. However, the relaxed and homely atmosphere at ALL FM generated an open and flowing chat where we discovered new things about quieter team members. We found out that our very own Ben likes to garden, and that Corrie is a property developer, each interesting facts that we hadn’t known prior to the training.

As far as team building tasks go, it was clear that this experience was going to be unique when compared to traditional, corporate training methods. Providing the Pixel8 team with the space to de-stress and be creative generated a pleasant atmosphere, and allowed for ideas to flow more freely than any other training type we’ve experience prior to that day.

The day at ALL FM was  overseen by two radio specialists, Jason and Annie. They guided us throughout our radio experience, providing both technical and moral support, which kept up both our team morale and self-confidence.

We were to go live on air between 4 and 5pm, and even manage the deck ourselves, and despite our reservations both Jason and Annie ensured the team that they would be ready to take on the challenge.

It was a delight to see our trust in Jason and Annie, and also one another, grow as we pulled together and set to work. In fact, it was fantastic to see everyone working so well as one big team, and this sense of unity has spread back through to the office.

After our to the day introduction, we were taken into a live studio for the first time. It was an enlightening experience that was both informative and entertaining, and Jason proceeded to encourage us to name various pieces of equipment, which proved to be easier than any of us expected.

Being in a radio station for the first time provided a significant bond point for the team, all of which had experienced nothing similar prior. To generate such a connection on a team building day outside of traditional corporate methods is the basis emphasises the importance of sometimes diverting from traditional corporate training methods, and discovering what works best for your own personal team.

During the second half of the morning, some of the team were called away to assist a client, leaving the Digital Team and Director Jamie Watson to write a section of radio script. This once more allowed us to develop new skills and understand what worked, and what didn’t,when it came to communications on air.

Jason provided instructions as to how to play a song, speak, and then play another song straight after. He also recorded each of us so that we could listen back to ourselves – once more bonding through our irrational embarrassment of hearing our own voices played back.

Jason and Annie yet again were on hand to provide support and make suggestions as to where we could develop our radio voices, and also pointed out areas where we had done something well. The support, yet again, knew no boundaries - and the fantastic feel of community spirit throughout the radio station also fed through into the Pixel8 team.

Friday Afternoon

After a lunch break, we headed back ready to plan the show for the afternoon. Alongside Jason, we broke the show down into songs and discussion points, which were then slotted into a radio show schedule, keeping us all on task. Time management and organisation were two key skills in this task, as was the ability to communicate clearly.

Whilst organising the show, the team members who had been called away returned and set to work creating a range of jingles. These were also incorporated into the show and managed to give the ‘Pixel8 Power Hour’ a polished, professional feel.

The afternoon offered an opportunity for quieter members to speak up with their ideas, and the show itself provided a platform for the entire team to work on their public speaking skills. After speaking to 14,000 people all at once, a team or client meeting no longer feels so pressured.

Sian started off the show at 4pm and proved to be a natural on air, which then led to the rest of the team supporting her as our official DJ host. Sian used her newfound skills and natural communication ability to host a professional radio show, and her talents wowed us all.

The day allowed employees to demonstrate other talents beyond their specific job roles, which was a delight to experience and something that may not have come out if we had been in another training situation.

ALL FM also recorded the show and shared a copy with each of us. The first thing the team did on Monday morning was to listen to our show back, helping to include those who hadn’t been able to attend on the training day and reminding the team of the skills they’d developed and their bonding experience.

However, without the spectacular training from both Jason and Annie, it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve the level of radio professional we did in just one day.  

Each member of the team that attended found the day to be a pleasant experience that offered them a chance to do something different.

Below are some of the team’s feedback:



Our day with ALL FM was one of my most rewarding experiences to date. The training and support we received from Annie and Jason, both technically and emotionally, was exponential to the day’s success. The team left feeling elated and accomplished - everyone was out of their comfort zone from juniors to managers, and we all bonded supported one another to achieve what we did. I would highly recommend that businesses, large and small, take on the opportunity to grow as a team and develop communication and engagement skills - a winner all round!



I found the day really confidence building, and speaking on-air and forced me (in a good way) to think quickly. I also loved getting to know the team on a more personal level - who knew Ben liked gardening?!



The training was so much fun, and it was great to see everyone come together as a team and learn some new skills. We’ll definitely be using our newfound DJ voices in Pixel8 marketing in the future and brewing up some podcasts for the first time! I really do appreciate the importance of audio after a day at ALL FM.


Key stand out abilities the entire team developed including public speaking, working together as a team, working towards a deadline, keeping calm under pressure and also supporting one another in an area completely new to every team member. For the first time it put everyone on a level playing field, and from there each of the pixel8 family was allowed to shine without any preconceptions about our abilities whatsoever.

Throwing the whole team into an alien experience really was both thrilling and nerve-inducing - yet the Pixel8 family pulled through by banding together and now feel stronger than ever before of it. Training at ALL FM is an opportunity that not only provides businesses with a platform for their voices to be heard, it also raises confidence and team spirit across employees - making this training day a welcome break from corporate training methods, and also one we will likely never forget.

Feel free to have a listen to the show in full via the player below...



More about ALL FM

ALL FM is a community radio station based in Levenshulme, Greater Manchester that prides themselves on giving voices to those who usually wouldn’t be heard. Throughout the week, there are radio shows aimed at every background and interest of the local area, and because they also understand the importance of cultural expression, they have managed to develop both informative and entertaining radio shows that generate more than 14,000 listeners per day.

If you’re interested to find out more about radio training days and how they could benefit your business, head on over to the ALL FM website.


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