Pixel8 and Silver Bay Team Up For Restaurant Rebrand - Case Study
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Pixel8 and Silver Bay Team Up For Restaurant Rebrand - Case Study

We love brands, and we adore helping businesses around the world reposition their brand - which is why we couldn't wait to get started when Silver Bay Holiday Village approached us about a restaurant rebrand!


Silver Bay


2 Weeks


Silver Bay is a luxury holiday lodge development on the beautiful isle of Anglesey. Silver Bay is one of our retained social clients, and as such we work very closely with them as a key strategic partner on all integrated marketing.

Silver Bay approach Pixel8 in February of this year to let us know about their exciting new F&B offering. They were investing heavily in the redevelopment of their grade 2 listed farmhouse to create a modern, open plan, welcoming social space.

This space needed a new identity to reposition it in the minds of the Silver Bay residents and also to give the new restaurant a premium feel to reflect the improved F&B offering.


Working together with the leadership team we firstly needed to develop a name that gave the space a new identity. Previously residents were referring to the space as ‘The Clubhouse’ which devalued the new restaurant.

Silver Bay were keen for the name to reflect the heritage of Anglesey and also encompass the key point of difference of the space, the incredible panoramic views out over the bay.

After thorough research into the heritage and competitive landscape of the area, a range of options were presented.

Once a name was selected we then developed the branding design for the new space taking cues from the stunning interior pallet developed by LC Interiors.




‘The Deck House’ was chosen as the final name due to it’s grounded in the history of Anglesey as a fishing island and also because it captured the restaurant's position overlooking the bay.

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