Pinterest Updates and Intranets vs. Bots - The Pixel8 Trends
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Pinterest Updates and Intranets vs. Bots - The Pixel8 Trends

Pinterest Updates and Intranets vs. Bots - The Pixel8 Trends

Bots, Visual Discovery, Backlinks and Brilliant Fonts - Here’s This Week’s Branding, Marketing, And Digital Discoveries Brought To You By Pixel8 Ltd.

February 2017 is shaping up to be a revolutionary month in terms of all things branding, marketing, and web design.

This week we take a look at the brand new revolutionary Pinterest updates, how to prioritise link building for a better SEO strategy, as well as discussing whether Intranets should be replaced with Bots.


1. Pinterest's Visual Discovery Updates

If you’re an avid Pinterest ‘pinner’ then you may have noticed a few updates to the app over the past week.

Previously, to search for new ideas users had to type in keywords and related images would appear in the feed. However, the platform has now revolutionised the way users can search.

At the bottom of each pin you come across in your Pinterest feed there is now a small, white circle. Clicking this will bring up other similar pins you may be interested in - allowing you to do a visual search for what you want as opposed to typing something out. They call this ‘related ideas on demand.’ and we love it!

But the updates don’t stop there. Pinterest has also unleashed the ‘Pinterest lense’. If users see something out there in the real world that they like, the example they give is a nice dining room, they can snap a picture of it and Pinterest will then analyse it and produce lots of relevant pins. So if you photograph an art-deco dining space done in creams and oranges, similar pins will pop up on the feed. It’s a great tool if you’re inspired by something and want to create something similar yourself!

Finally, there is now also a ‘Shop the Look’ application. These are pins inside of a pin, and they are blue. So if there is a model wearing a shirt you like, and it has the blue dot next to it, you can press it and view options to buy the item you like online. It’s a fantastic development for retail brands to explore - and could drive higher online revenue if applied correctly.


2. Free Fonts From Smashing Magazine

Free fonts are a great way to make sure your latest web design/branded work looks amazing. And Smashing Magazine really appreciates the value of a good font when it comes to creating stellar work.

That’s why they’ve released an overview of some of the best free fonts online, and where you can get them from. They’ve focused in on fonts with personality and style, and their list of 30 will have your collateral shining in no time!

Take a look here for the full list and see if you can find the perfect font for your next campaign, design or website.


3. How To Prioritise Link Building - MOZ

Link building and outreach is one of most challenging parts of developing an effective SEO strategy, but don’t fear - SEO experts MOZ are on hand to help brands improve.

In their latest Whiteboard Friday post, they analyse how best to prioritise both your link building efforts and opportunities, allowing brands to have a more focused SEO plan in place.

From setting the right goals to building a prioritisation spreadsheet, the video is really handy if you’ve been struggling to get those backlinks Google loves. So be sure to take a look over on the MOZ website.


4. The Luxury Brands That Are Winning Over UK Millennials

Targeting the millennial prospect is a challenge for even the most adept brands. So this article from Campaign Live is a must-read for those struggling to draw in this audience.

Taking a close look at brands such as Gucci and Net-a-Porter, Campaign Live delve into the world of website traffic and digital and social appearances that these brands have honed, and there’s plenty to be learned by brands hoping to emulate the same success with their campaigns.

Visit the website here to read more, it’s a short piece, but it’s full to the brim with helpful tips, statistics and information to get your millennial campaigns off the ground.


5. Should Intranets Be Replaced By Bots?

UX Mag defines intranets in the workplace as an app, and they put a very interesting argument forwards when discussing whether they should be replaced by Bots in the near future.

The article focuses on what a redefined intranet could look like, including how this may better define company culture and community, as well as improving employee connectivity and communications.

They also highlight areas that Bots could cover that intranets currently don’t. This includes enabling users to experience workplace culture in terms of the language the bot uses, and also how information could be better communicated to employees in ways beyond the typical ‘noticeboard’ format an intranet provides.

To read more about this topic, take a look at the full article over on UX Mag’s website.


Pixel8 Weekly Trends

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