An Open Letter to the Leisure Sector: How you can engage your audience with content marketing
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An Open Letter to the Leisure Sector: How you can engage your audience with content marketing

An Open Letter to the Leisure Sector: How you can engage your audience with content marketing

Dear marketing managers of the leisure sector,

Are you telling your brand's story with clever and engaging content marketing? 

If content hasn't been at the top of your marketing priorities, this needs to change. Consistent content marketing engages audiences, drives customers to websites and increases your brand's clout online. The nice thing about content marketing is that it is incredibly varied. From videos to infographics, blogs to case studies, there are so many mediums you can excite and entertain your audience. All you need is an action plan.


Storytelling - Campfire

Getting started

Know your brand's story. What sets you apart from your competitors? Interesting history? What have been your biggest successes to date? Has there been any recent team news and awards? What questions do your customer's ask you? 

Create a mind map which answers these questions and continually add to it. This is the heart of your content marketing campaign and starting here, you can choose topics to tell your audience. To begin with, create a plan with a weekly topic and focus your content marketing activity around this. The biggest question will be how is it best to portray this content? We've put together a few different mediums to present online content.


Content Marketing Strategy


The obvious and most helpful option for making regular, relevant content for your business is blogging. Blogging newbies shouldn't shy away from this option. Simply consider what your online visitors and customers want to know about, and create something that reflects your company and what it provides.

Key to this method is research. Break down what your company is and what it does into its components, and explore these thoroughly to find topics that are useful and intriguing for your visitors to read about. Keep it easy to read, jargon free and format in short paragraphs that will translate easily to both desktop and mobile.

Another technique that pays off is the use of your social media accounts to promote your blogs. Good content and an attractive description will encourage people to not only read, but also possibly share your blogs, reaching new audiences and potential customers. 



Visual content  easier and quicker for your customers to consume. You can include diagrams, illustrations, and annotations; anything really that can make your content colourful and memorable. You can use infographics to convey statistics or other complex information. Try Canva or Piktochart for creating your own infographics.

Idea Generation


Creating your own videos is a good way to connect on a personal level with your customers and website visitors. You could conduct a behind the scenes tour of your company’s office, show off your business’s facilities or tell stories of the history of your business. Keep it short, snappy and entertaining and your viewers will be sure to lap it up.


Case studies

Your business can use case studies as real examples of how your business’s products or services can help provide solutions for their problems. This will help your business build credibility and trust as people can see how you have benefited your customers.


How to guides

You can provide practical advice on how to solve relevant problems. Content like this can help build trust with your customers and reinforce your expert knowledge of the industry. Think about what frequent questions and problems your potential customers may have, and address them, maintaining an informed persona for your business.


No time for content?

That's why we're here. 

Our marketing team is on a quest to steer your brand into a new direction with content marketing. We create practical yet thoughtful recommendations to improve your digital strategy, and can even help you implement them.

We understand that whatever the business, people buy from people, and that a great content marketing strategy will always recognise that and use emotive and exciting content to stimulate a reaction. Some clients come to us because they are starting out and need a content strategy to raise awareness others have a firm audience to reconnect with through a content marketing programme that generates leads. We've teamed up with a wealth of brands in the sport and leisure sector including Hotel Indigo, Silver Bay and Eastland's Trust, follow the links to see the exciting content we created for them.

If you would like some guidance with stepping up your content game or would like a chat about ideas and opportunities, our team are on hand. Give us a call on 0161 228 6489 or email Sian on

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