Pixel8 and Hilton Hotels Get Ready for a Night of Northern Bingo at the Northern Digital Awards!
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Pixel8 and Hilton Hotels Get Ready for a Night of Northern Bingo at the Northern Digital Awards!

Pixel8 and Hilton Hotels Get Ready for a Night of Northern Bingo at the Northern Digital Awards!

Towards the end of 2016, we heard the incredible news that we’d be nominated for Best Use of Social Media alongside Hilton Hotels at the Northern Digital Awards - and we couldn’t be more excited for another fabulous awards celebration!

Hosted on the 26th of January at the New Dock Hall in Leeds, a range of industries from retail to finance will come together to celebrate magnificent digital achievements during 2016.

We’re honoured to be a part of such great company alongside our client Hilton Hotels for the Fans of London campaign, and in the spirit of awards season, we’re even bringing our Pixel8 bingo cards along, too!

Created especially for the event, it’s your task to see how many Northern slang words you hear on the night and mark them off. A full-house will ensure you’re having a propa’ Northern evening out.

If you’re interested to discover more about the awards, you can find all the categories and nominees below. You'll also find our bingo definitions, so be sure to have a browse if you’re stuck as to what something means.

Lastly, if you’re going to be at the awards, then please do come and say 'ay up'! We’re a super friendly bunch and love hanging out with fellow marketing mavericks!


Northern Dialect Bingo Definitions



  • ‘Angin - A sick feeling after drinking or eating too much, or when something smells bad

  • Clocked - To notice/see something

  • Fod - Your forehead

  • Innit - Means ‘isn’t it’

  • Jammy - To be lucky

  • Our Kid - A nickname for one’s brother or sister

  • Rank - Something that is disgusting, ‘That food is rank’

  • Scran - Another word for food

  • Tight - Someone who doesn’t like spending money

  • Wrong ’Un - Someone who should be avoided

  • Keks - Another word for ‘pants’

  • Mint - A word used to describe something that’s good

  • Snide - Someone who is sneaky

  • Sound - A word used to describe something that’s good

  • Brew - A cup of tea



  • Propa - Substitute for the word ‘really’ ‘That’s propa minging.’

  • Howay, man! - A phrase used to show excitement.

  • Pure Belta - Used to describe something that’s really good

  • Scran - Another word for food

  • Netty - The toilet

  • Canny - Another word for ‘good’

  • Gob - Another word for ‘mouth’



  • Chaff - To steal

  • Chuddy - Another word for ‘chewing gum’

  • Chunder - To vomit

  • Divvy - An idiot

  • Gizzasec - ‘Give me a second’ shortened down

  • Is it heck - means ‘no it isn’t.’

  • Owt - A shortened way to say ‘anything’



  • Go’ed - Phrase used to show support ‘Go’ed, lad’

  • Is right - That’s right, aka, the right thing happened. ‘I just passed my driving test!’ ‘Is right, lad.’

  • Boss - Another word for ‘good’

  • Gutted - Another word for upset

  • Devoed - Another word for devastated

  • Lid - Means man

  • Chocka block - Means something was busy, ‘It was chocka block!’

  • Swerve - Another word for avoid. ‘Nah mate, I’ll swerve it.’

  • Giggs - Another word for glasses

  • Baltic - Used to describe the weather when it’s very cold.



  • Cob - Means a bread roll

  • Bawl - To cry loudly

  • Lamp - Alternative word to ‘hit’ ‘I’m going to lamp him.’

  • Snap - Means dinner

  • Cack-handed - Someone who is clumsy

  • Any road up - Another way of saying ‘anyway’ or ‘moving on’

  • Barmy - A word that means ‘crazy’


  • Duck - Affectionate name for someone ‘Come here, duck.’

  • Cadge - Usually means to beg

  • Chunter - Means to grumble

  • Give Over - Light hearted way of say stop. ‘Oh, give over.’

  • Hold your noise - A way of telling people to be quiet

  • Nesh - A word used to describe feeling cold.



  • Chuffed - Another way of saying that you’re pleased

  • Ey up - a greeting, hello!

  • Bog - Toilet

  • Eeh by gum- ‘Oh my god!’

  • Courtin’ - Going out with someone, to date

  • Flaggin’ - Getting tired

  • Flummox - Another word for confuse

  • Mardy - Another word for moody

  • Owt - another word for anything

  • Reight - another word for Very

  • Si Thi’ Later - Another way of saying See You Later

  • Ow do? - Shortened way of saying How do you do.


The Nominees 

So now you've discovered those sneaky definitions that might have eluded you, here is a full list of the categories and nominees for the evening.


Best Digital Marketing Campaign - Retail 

Branded3 & Wren Kitchens - Little Kitchen

Democracy & No Whey! Making High Protein Peanut Butter A Supermarket Staple

Digitaloft & SleepyPeople.com - Sharing A Series Of Sleep Hacks

Extreme Creations & Nisa Local - SummerofLocal

Front & Costcutter - Brand engagement ad

Latitude Digital Marketing Ltd & Cyclestore  - Achieve Personal Best in Slipstream of Latitude Experience

Mosquito Digital & Zoflora - 'Pink Grapefruit Machine App'

Phoenix Digital Ltd & Argos - Customer Support Campaign


Best Digital Marketing Campaign - Finance 

Latitude Digital Marketing Ltd - Scientific Content Marketing Generating Evergreen ROI for London & Country Mortgages

MEC Manchester & Halifax

myclever Agency & The Co-operative Bank It's Good to be Different

Six & Flow and Heron Global Partners – Global Customer Acquisition Campaign


Best Digital Markrting Campaign - Travel/Leisure 

Blush Create - 12 Days Of Christmas

CandidSky & NST Group - The Experience Shows

Expedia Media Solutions & VisitDenmark - “Explore Denmark” Campaign

MEC Manchester & Great Western Railway - Tracks on the Track

Quantcast & icelolly.com - Customer Acquisition Campaign



Best Digital Marketing Campaign - Third Sector 

Click Consult & Oxfam - Bloggers Against Poverty

Liverpool Biennial 2016

Mashbo & Bread Media - Nugent Rebrand

MEC Manchester & MIND – TakeOffTheTape


Best Digital Marketing Campaign - Public Sector 

Diva Creative & West Yorkshire Combined Authority - Rediscover that Cycling Feeling

Mosquito Digital & British Nutrition Foundation - 'My Cooking Counts'

Strawberry - The NHS Remarkable people extraordinary place recruitment and retention campaign

The University of Central Lancashire - Career Yourself - Autumn Open Days


Best Low Budget Campaign 

Biddible Media & Baba Bing - Best Low Budget Campaign Award

Digitaloft & SousVideTools.com - Integrating A High-Performing SEO Paid Search & Content Marketing Campaign

Digitaloft & Twizzle - How Much Would It Cost To Be Captain America?

Elementary Digital & Taylor UK

Fluid Digital & Beer Hunter - Selling Beer without the Fear

Marketgate Shopping Centre - Primark Grand Opening

Quba & Medicare First Nursing - Candidate Recruitment PPC Campaign

StrawberryToo & The Yorkshire Dales Food & Drink Festival

The SEO Works - Is it legal? The SEO Works help Qamar Solicitors become a major online force!


Best Integrated Campaign 

Digitaloft & SousVideTools.com - Integrating A High-Performing SEO Paid Search & Content Marketing Campaign

Integrity Search Ltd with Turnbull & Thomas Integrated SEO & PPC Campaign

MediaCom North Group & Hillarys

SearchQuest - National and Ireland - Targeted Integrated Marketing Rollout

Stein IAS & Trelleborg Marine Systems with Measurable Marketing Quality

Strawberry - The NHS Remarkable people extraordinary place recruitment and retention campaign

WPA Pinfold - S.A.M Integrated Campaign for National Grid


Best PPC Campaign

Accord Marketing & Britannia Hotels - PPC Campaign

Clicky Media & Dayinsure: Driving PPC Results In Short Term Insurance

Fusion Unlimited & Hyper-local - hyper-intent for Your Move

Kagool & Together

Latitude Digital Marketing Ltd & Cyclestore - Racing into New Territories with Profitable PPC

Mediaworks UK Ltd & Freeze Pro Shop - PPC Campaign

Summit and Argos - Generating a 21% year on year increase in revenue by tailoring marketing activity to seasonal patterns

Workwear Express - PPC Rebuild & Refocus


Best SEO Campaign

Branded3 & WatchShop.com - A Penguin Recovery Story

CandidSky & John Ryan by Design Turning Questions into Transactions

Click Consult & LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor - Just what the Online Doctor Ordered

Evolved Digital Marketing Ltd & Select Car Leasing - Dominating an Industry

Glass Digital & Evander

Latitude Digital Marketing Ltd - Scientific Content Marketing Generating Evergreen ROI for London & Country Mortgages

MEC Manchester & Great Western Railway - GuessTheWest

Summit & Durex - Using SEO content and PR to grow search visibility by 275%


Best Use of Social Media 

After Digital & Kitchen Fail

Clicky Media & Darwin Escapes Name a Duck

Democracy - No whey! Making high protein peanut butter a supermarket staple

Fox Agency - Social strategy for Pagid: a break from the b2b norm

Fred Marketing & Nothing But Snacks

MEC Manchester & Great Western Railway – CaptureTheWest

Mosquito Digital & Zoflora - 'Pink Grapefruit Machine App'

Pixel8 Ltd & Hilton - Fans of London

QueryClick Ltd & Toys R Us SEO & Social Synergy


Best Use of Video 

Boxed Red Marketing - Added Value Animation

Mosquito Digital & Turtle Wax

South Yorkshire Police -


Best Digital Tool or Software 

Fusion Unlimited - Feed Catalyst

Fusion Unlimited – Natural Edge / Gondola

Hex Studio with Habito - The UK's No 1 Digital Mortgage Broker


MEC Manchester - MEC Fuse

myclever Agency – SASbot

Pixelbuilders & AMOS - Auto Move Vehicle Movement System

Ruler Analytics

Searchmetrics GmbH - Content Experience


Best App 

Apadmi & NHS Blood and Transplant – DonorPath

Forepoint Limited - Deals App produced for Moto Hospitality

Mediaworks UK & St Oswalds - Snow Dog App

WPA Pinfold – Cura ‘Caring for Sharing’ App


Best e-Commerce Website 

CTI Digital - Kent County Supplies - Omnichannel Digital Transformation

Fluid Digital & Quba Sails

iWeb & British Heart Foundation Gift Shop

Mando & Robinsons Brewery

Reckless - Setting Sail In The Right Digital Direction Bateaux London

thisishel. & Paria.cc

twentysix - New Era EMEA Website

Venture Stream - Yogamatters Launch


Best Website


CTI Digital & Great Ormond Street Hospital Websites

CTI Digital & London.gov.uk

Diva Creative - Move it Boom! Rio

INK Digital & Princess Yachts - Experience the Exceptional

Intermarketing Agency & Red's True Barbecue

Push Beyond - tute.com website and consumer product launch

Reckless - Setting Sail In The Right Digital Direction: Bateaux London


Digital Marketing In-House Team of the Year

CHO Fashion & Lifestyle

South Yorkshire Police - Engagement team

Workwear Express


Small Digital Agency of the Year

Anything agency



Fluid Digital


Nothing But Epic

On The Tools




Large Digital Agency of the Year 

Click Consult Limited

Fusion Unlimited


MediaCom North Group

Mediaworks UK Ltd

Orange Bus

Social Chain

Stein IAS


To find out more about our Pixel8 Fans of London campaign with Hilton Hotels then take a look here. If you’d like any marketing or branding assistance then feel free to call us on 0161 228 6489 and ask for Nicola Boon who will be able to provide assistance.


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