New Year, New Brand - A guide to refreshing your brand in 2016
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New Year, New Brand - A guide to refreshing your brand in 2016

New Year, New Brand - A guide to refreshing your brand in 2016

2016 is nearly here, and whilst most of the nation are thinking about the festivities, brands and businesses around the globe are thinking about something a little more important - their direction for 2016.

What the new year holds remains to be seen, however with a little tweak of your brand you could help define the path your business takes in a positive way.

So what are the main benefits for refreshing your brand? And how can you ensure your brand refresh works 100% for your business? That’s where this blog can help.


The benefits of refreshing your brand

There are many reasons businesses refresh their brand. From SMEs through to industry leaders, a brand tweak is one of the quintessential things a business can do to add a new lease of life to their company.

And the benefits are endless.


A brand refresh encourages brand consistency

Image of a messy desk and a chair

It’s easy for brand consistency to go out of the window. Whether it’s because multiple people are creating branded collateral, or perhaps because different logos are in circulation - it happens. However, a brand refresh can put an end to it.

Think of the refresh as a way of tidying up as well as bringing your brand back to life, and you’ll soon start to appreciate the benefits.


It can help you to stand out from your competitors

When you started in your industry there may not have been as much competition as there is today, and a little brand refresh can help you become industry leaders once more.

When you're looking to do a refresh you need to consider everything from design, logos, tone of voice, video, photography, web design and your digital activity - and each and every one of these areas will help you to stand out from the competition. 

A tone of voice that's a little different to the rest, photography that stands out, videos that are packed with easy to digest user information and a digital presence where competitors may be lacking could be the very things you need to stand out above everyone else. 

So make sure you're ahead in 2016 in all areas of your brand consider a refresh if you're interested in winning new business - which we're sure you are!


A brand refresh can revitalise your business

We’ve already discussed how a brand refresh can bring a new lease of life to your business, but why is that?

A refresh of your brand filters through to your employees, especially if you go into it with new brand guidelines under your belt. This is an exciting time for employees, and it also strengthens your brand from the ground up.

As well as this, refreshing your brand will prove to current and new customers that you’re a forward-thinking company that isn’t afraid of change, and also that you have a clear direction for the future of your business.

If this doesn’t generate more trust between business and customer, nothing will.


A brand refresh will raise brand awareness

One of the best parts of a brand refresh is that you get to shout about it. Whether it’s using the press to drum up coverage of your company’s new brand, or perhaps you have a new launch party - all of this raises the brand awareness of your business higher than ever before.


How to refresh your brand

So now you know the benefits, what do you need to do to give your brand a little refresh?

It’s a sensitive subject, and one that’s also perhaps left to branding professionals. However, there are a few key things vital to any successful brand refresh.


Have a clear understand of your company’s brand persona

Man pinning pictures up on a wall

Perhaps your persona has changed since you first opened, or maybe your brand just doesn’t gel with the business anymore - whatever it is that compels you to refresh your brand, you need to have a great understanding of your own company.

Create a mindmap and decide what your business stands for, and then consider how this can be incorporated into your exciting new refresh.


Remember that you don’t need to refresh everything

Perhaps you have guidelines you like but don’t think your logo suits the company anymore. Or maybe you’d like a new tone of voice but want to keep your logo and branded designs the same. When it comes to refreshing brands it’s important to remember you don’t need to do everything.

Choosing the parts that need the work the most can help you understand your branding better than ever before, and it can also give that refresh feeling without mountains of work.  


Seek outside help

Your brand is the most important message you business has to target and current customers, and because it’s so important it can be a good idea to consult the experts when it comes to a brand refresh.

A good branding agency will take the time to get to know your company whilst also working quickly and efficiently to produce the best brand refresh possible. Most agencies will have worked with many clients before on similar projects, so you can be sure they know what it takes to create a refresh perfect for your company.


Don’t be afraid to consider a rebrand

If you come to refresh your brand and decide that a new logo is not enough - perhaps you’re changing the name of your business, or maybe it’s evolved so much that your range or products has gone beyond your original branding. A rebrand can help focus your brand message and make sure you’re appealing to the right people.

Don’t be afraid to consider a rebrand for your business - especially if you want to change the branding conversation between your company and your customers.


Pixel8 and your brand refresh

We’ve worked on a wide range of brand refreshes and we’d love to help you along the way with yours too.

As experts in this sector, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to a refresh- and we’ve worked with everyone including industry leaders through to SMEs.

This has allowed us a broad understanding of a range of industries and business sizes, so to find out more about what we can do for you, fill in our contact form below.

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