Manchester's Most Iconic Hotels Delve into the World of Online Marketing
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Manchester's Most Iconic Hotels Delve into the World of Online Marketing

Manchester's Most Iconic Hotels Delve into the World of Online Marketing

When it comes to standing out amongst the competition in any market, it’s important to carve a presence online. And some of the most iconic and exciting hotels in Manchester are getting involved and doing precisely that. 

By honing their brand and marketing strategy, these hotels are drawing in more customers than ever before.

But which ones in the city are doing this well? And what can other hotel brands hoping to carve a presence for themselves learn from the best?

Let’s take a look.


DoubleTree by Hilton

One hotel in Manchester that gets their online branding and marketing right every time is DoubleTree by Hilton.

Their website hosts an array of enticing images alongside their excellent reviews, and their brand is supported by their ‘Our Story’ page, which allows for a real insight into what the hotel offers and where they came from.

What’s more, DoubleTree are becoming known for their iconic cookies. Guests receive them upon arrival, and recently the DoubleTree staff infiltrated businesses throughout Manchester armed with biscuits to share the cookie love! Their ‘It’s the Little Things’ brand ethos is perfectly demonstrated with this small, thoughtful token loved by all.

The home baked cookie is a symbol of the comfortable, friendly, and homely nature of the brand - so there’s little confusion as to why they make this the cornerstone of their hotel experience.

Other hotels in the city can learn a lot by this personal approach. By creating a niche out of this and making their home-comforts a unique selling point, DoubleTree by Hilton have created a brand that’s sure to attract those looking to stay somewhere inviting and warm. 


The Lowry Hotel


Located in Manchester’s city centre, The Lowry Hotel is one of those iconic hotel brands that’s known throughout the area.

Their chic and classy web design reflects what you’ll experience in the hotel, and their social media presence is one that an array of hotels in the city can certainly learn from.

Beyond the occasional tweet and retweet, the Lowry Hotel has set out to create campaigns, most recently with the hashtag . Not only can they tag their own posts with this, but customers can too.

This is a clever way for the Lowry Hotel to encourage customers to interact with their Twitter account whilst also receiving feedback - and it also helps to attract potential customers to the area by giving an insight into what the Lowry Hotel is like.


Hotel Football

Recently opened outside of the iconic Manchester United Football ground in Old Trafford, Hotel Football has created a memorable brand surrounding everything Manchester United and football.

Describing their employees as ‘The Team’, and regularly posting news about the exciting events happening at their hotel with some of the team’s most famous stars certainly provides a buzz around this hotel for the avid football fan.

Hotel Football also make use of video, and on their homepage you’ll find a link to their Youtube channel. On there is a time-lapse video documenting their preparation of the stadium suite for a recent Manchester United vs. Liverpool game.

The video demonstrates how hard the teamwork and the excellent level of care and attention given to the design - and this helps to highlight the type of service others can expect if they host events at this establishment.

Their Facebook and Twitter accounts are also filled with upcoming events that people can expect from the hotel, and promote their staff occasionally too. This friendly and informative online presence will help Hotel Football attract more and more visitors to their hotel in the future.


Hotel Gotham

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When it comes to boutique hotel websites in the city, few do it better than Hotel Gotham.

Their website opens with a video and excellent piece of video content marketing documenting a vintage countdown followed by an image of their hotel that looks to be taken straight out of a Film Noir movie. The brand logo then dominates, and customers are shortly transported to huge iconic images of the hotel and surrounding views.

It’s evident that this hotel is something special from the website’s focus on vintage 1920s glamour, and this kind of glitzy, Film Noir theme continues throughout the website. The employee page is described as ‘The Cast’, and the pictures of the website focus in on the decorative 1920s style.

In terms of shaping a brand, Hotel Gotham have certainly hit the nail on the head - and anyone who plans to stay at the hotel is clearly in for an experience above and beyond a simple night in a hotel. 

What could be done better

However, despite the strong websites and social media presences from the hotels of Manchester, there are some areas that they are missing out on when it comes to their online marketing and branding.

One of the most notable areas that could be improved is blogging. There’s very little time dedicated to creating content about the surrounding area, hotel and holidaying tips - and hotels are missing out on this clever way to connect with their guests.

Content is key to enticing more customers to splash out on a stay in their establishment. This is because content helps to drive more traffic from the social media accounts to the website, and it also promotes the hotel brand as an industry expert.
Driving up the website traffic will certain alleviate the brand of these hotels and create awareness for potential customers that may not have been there before.

Hotels should also take more time to appreciate print advertising. Although it’s perhaps now viewed as a vintage method, advertising on billboards and the like complements any online activity as part of a wider integrated marketing campaign. Creating more touchpoints with customers at every opportunity generates conversation around a brand, as well as encouraging the spread of a hotel’s name and offering, and forever imprinting on the customer’s mind (if executed well!)


Online Branding & Marketing


Now you know what’s going on in the hotel branding and marketing world, what do you think? Is this something that you feel could benefit your business?

We certainly think so!

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