Luke's First 2 Weeks At Pixel8
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Luke's First 2 Weeks At Pixel8

Luke's First 2 Weeks At Pixel8

We're always looking to expand the Pixel8 team with epic talent, and we're lucky enough to have a brand new digital marketing executive join the family! Luke has a wealth of experience in social media and content writing, specifically paid social, and sticking with tradition, we thought we'd get him to answer a few questions about how his first two weeks at Pixel8 have gone. 

How have you found your first few weeks here at pixel8?

Brilliant - I’ve worked in an agency setting before and find that I strive in an environment that is relaxed, yet engages my mind and work ethic at the same time. I’m handling clients that are interesting and varied which keeps content fresh and exciting.


What projects are you looking forwards to working on?

I am currently working on Manchester Active which is funded by Eastlands Trust - a client that has a long-standing relationship with the company. I am thrilled to be producing work for this project as I admire sport in all forms, it will definitely be a challenge that I will be sinking my teeth in to over the upcoming months. Working under pressure and taking on responsibility is something that I have always embraced, most likely mastered from my time at university where the odd essay was finished the night before at 4am.


How does pixel8 differ from places you've worked before?

My role at Pixel8 is similar to my previous position; with more focus being on social media engagement in this case rather than focussing heavily on paid social. One of the biggest factors I value about Pixel8 is that they are quietly assured of their own ability as an agency, their clients and the quality of work does the talking for them. I think it’s massively important to find a balance between effectively advertising a product or a service and showing a more human side to a brand, which Pixel8 does with ease.


Do you have any tech heroes?

Steve Jobs, definitely. I’m not a consumer of Apple products but his journey from small beginnings to what he became despite his individual challenges is awe-inspiring.


If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Little bit strange.


Tell us a bit more about yourself!

I’m just your average lad who loves football, music, meeting new people and  spending time with the ones who matter. Oh, and cracking jokes so terrible that they're almost funny.


Finally, who's your favourite pixel8 employee so far?

Savage question by Pixel8! Everyone is fantastic in the office, I’ve had the warmest of welcomes since I walked through the door on my first day!


We're looking forwards to seeing Luke grow and develop in his new role! If you'd like to find out more about him, take a look at his Pixel8 employee profile

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