Locally Global: How To Manage A Global Brand At A Local Level
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Locally Global: How To Manage A Global Brand At A Local Level

Locally Global: How To Manage A Global Brand At A Local Level

Managing a global brand at a local level is no easy feat.

In fact, we’d go as far to say it’s incredibly hard!

And when you’re working on a global brand there are a few things you’ll live and breath - one of which is a dedicated battle for brand consistency.

A brand must be consistent whether it’s in London or New York to help generate consumer trust, but as soon as you have a global brand on your hands it becomes ever harder to ensure this is adhered to - making it a large headache for branding and marketing managers everywhere!

Yet fear not.

We’ve got some useful advice that’ll help you manage this effectively, and we’ve even got a juicy case study to show you how we’ve done it before ourselves.

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The importance of brand identity and brand strategy

To manage a global brand, you need to ensure you have a clear idea of what your business’s brand identity is, and the brand strategy has to be practically ingrained on the back of your eyelids.

Only then will you be able to ensure that you’re following the same procedures and branding processes that your company's brand managers have adopted worldwide.

And it’s not an easy job. Sometimes you may miss something and other times you may be on the ball when it comes to keeping everything consistent. It’s a constant battle!


Top tips for brand management, globally

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Create and refer back to your brand guidelines

If your business doesn’t have brand guidelines in place, they need them right away. These guidelines cover everything from branding strategies through to your brand message and colours, and with this in your hand, you need never go wrong with your brand message again.  

Think of it as the encyclopedia for all things branding for your company. It’s a massive help and will be your go-to bit of advice whenever you’re in a bit of a branding pickle.


Invest in brand management software

If you really want to keep your brand consistent globally without needing to monitor every single piece of collateral produced all over the world, then brand management software can help you with this.

An effective brand management platform will consist of web-to-print software as well as digital asset management. With these products you can create materials by dragging and dropping your text and images into templates that are specifically designed for your business.And the digital files you use for this will be easier than ever to find  because they’ll all be in one, central place you’ll be able to search for them via their tags.

These branding materials then have to be approved before printed, meaning all you need to do is make a few comments if you see something not quite right  and wa-la! Brand consistency!

You can’t go wrong with your global brand because this software is an online platform meaning it can be used worldwide - which we’re sure you’ll agree is a great result for everyone in this process!


Interact and engage with your audience in the right way

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All good brands engage with their target market, and this is something that needs to be monitored if it's a global brand trying to remain consistent.

Make sure you and your employees know the typical tone of voice adopted by the brand, and then you can use this to interact confidently with your target audience. Remember, customers like being listened to and engaged with - and this is certainly the way marketing and branding is heading right now.


Kia Northern Ireland Case Study

Here at pixel8, we’ve been working closely with Kia, Northern Ireland, and this has been a great experience for us when it comes managing a global brand at a local level.

Because Kia operates worldwide, every piece of branding collateral we push out has to adhere to the branding standards adopted all over the world.

This means a close relationship between the branding manager and agency is required to keep this project ticking along effectively - and with this we’ve been able to produce some amazing results, producing social media engagement metrics which have hit the roof!

Working with Kia has been a treat for us here at pixel8, and we’re particularly proud of what we’ve achieved on Facebook.

Our talented graphics department have designed some amazing ads which keep within the Kia guidelines, and with these paid ads have been making more than 20k impressions and garnering thousands of Likes and website clicks.

We feel incredibly proud of our ability to brand and marketing to a standard consistent with the global procedures expected by Kia, and it’s been a fantastic project that we all love working on.


Branding, integrated marketing and web development

If you’re interested in managing your global brand at a local level alongside an agency that knows how it’s done, be sure to get in touch today.

We’re branding, marketing and brand asset management experts here at pixel8, and we’ve worked with everyone from Kia Northern Ireland through to the Hilton and Manchester United Football Club.

Call us today on 0161 228 6489 and ask for director Jamie Watson. We’re more than excited about new business, and we’d love to help you perfect your branding and marketing efforts.


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