The Very Latest Marketing and Branding Trends - Pixel8's Weekly Roundup.
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The Latest Marketing and Branding Trends - Pixel8's Weekly Roundup

The Latest Marketing and Branding Trends - Pixel8's Weekly Roundup

If you work in branding and marketing then you’ll know that there’s always a need to keep abreast of industry trends in order to get ahead and leverage the best results out of your campaigns.

And because we love to take any chance we can to make the lives of marketing managers easier, we’ve done some of the hard work for you this week and gathered all the latest trends, news, and resources in our industry for your use.

So without further ado, let’s get straight to it and recap what we’ve uncovered.


1. Facebook’s Social Media Management Platform

You’ll probably already have a working social media management platform such as Sprout Social in order to keep a clear track of your brand’s social media accounts.

However, if you don't and you’re looking for a way to keep an eye on a small amount of social accounts, Facebook’s latest Social Media Management Platform could really help.

They’re now offering one inbox so that you can keep track of all your notifications in a single place. This covers Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and all of them together in one column too. The main aim of this software is to enable brands to communicate more easily with their audiences and improve user experience for those managing the platforms.

To gain access, simply download the Page Manager mobile app and the new way of managing your social content will be live on your device shortly, if it isn’t already.

Take a look here on the Facebook business page for more details on this brand new development!


2. YouTube’s Virtual Reality App

Virtual reality (VR) has been promising to be the next big step in marketing and branding for a while now, and with the launch of YouTube’s VR app it’s slowly morphing into a reality.

The brand new VR app is now available for use, but only on devices that have Daydream technology - which is a piece of virtual reality software created by Google that’s found on their new Pixel phone.

All of the videos on the YouTube app are upgraded to a 360°  VR experience for users on these devices, and they’ll also get access to voice search making browsing the video service easier than ever before.

If you haven’t been thinking about VR in your latest marketing campaigns, it may be time to pay it some attention. It seems we edge closer and closer to a world filled with VR each and every month!


3. HubSpot’s Content Marketing Templates

The life of a marketing manager is busy, we know. So when great blogs such as HubSpot pull together a fantastic resource aimed at making our lives easier, we always give a little cheer.

This week, people are talking about HubSpot’s content marketing templates. HubSpot have done the most daunting part of any task - they’ve gotten you started! They have templates ready to be filled in and available for download, covering buyer persona creation, social media content calendars, eBook templates, written content templates and much more.

It’s a go-to guide for marketing managers who want to dive straight into a project without needing to create new excel sheets every time. Enjoy!


4. Buffer’s State of Social Report

Digital marketing is one of those industries dominated by reports and statistics - and it's this that helps marketing managers to decipher what’s worth investing in for their brand and what isn’t.

That’s why we recommend that everyone read Buffer’s State of Social Report for 2016. The report provides key insights into the current state of the market, as well as helping to make predictions towards 2017.

You’ll find discussions about video, the continued popularity of Facebook, and how only 1 in 5 people they survey actually use social media for customer support - and insightful fact indeed!

See the full report here and be sure to use the findings when reviewing your social strategy.


5. Google Earth’s VR

If YouTube alone wasn’t enough to make you consider virtual reality, then perhaps Google Earth’s usage of the technology will.

It’s a monumental step for the brand, and the new development allows users with VR headsets to explore handpicked destinations in glorious 360°  such as the Amazon River, The Grand Canyon, The Swiss Alps and more. We imagine this is going to be rolled out globally when Google Earth get around to it, but in the meantime we recommend that you take a look at the video they’ve recently launched about the development above.

It’s an incredible tribute to technology and it’s also surprisingly moving.


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