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Jordan Dignan - My first few weeks at pixel8

Jordan Dignan - My first few weeks at pixel8

Jordan is our brand new Website Development Apprentice and has been working at pixel8 for a few weeks now. So as per usual with all new pixel8 employees, we have decided to ask him a few questions to find out exactly how he's getting on! 

Take a look below to discover exactly what the first few weeks at pixel8 are like for an apprentice in the pixel8 Web Dev team!


1. What has been your biggest learning curve since starting at pixel8?

Since coming to Pixel 8 I have learnt a lot about website development thanks to being around people who know so much about it - so I have absorbed lots of information.


Here is an image of said experts:


2. Which client have you enjoyed working on the most?

I have recently been sketching up designs for the Slingco and Novus websites and this is very entertaining and enjoyable, as well as creative, and provides a nice break to all the coding stuff!


3. What are you hoping to achieve during your time at pixel8?

 At pixel8 I want to keep learning more and more from my knowledgeable colleagues, and one day become a vital cog in the running and progression of pixel8.


4. What attracted you to Web Development as a career?

I love computers, a lot.


5. Which website design and technology do you admire and why?

I admire any web design and technology that is intuitive and creative and makes it easy for the user.


6. Who is your tech idol?

My tech idol is definitely Bill Gates (even though I have an iPhone, but let's keep that on the down-low). I admire how he built something from the bottom to where it is now.


7.What's surprised you about working at pixel8?

I'm surprised at how friendly and colourful everyone is. It's a diverse group of individuals who come together as one to make great work happen.


8. Who's your favourite team member so far?

I simply couldn't choose, everyone is awesome. 



Awh! We're glad Jordan has enjoyed his time so far and look forwards to him doing amazing things at pixel8 in the future!




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