How Your Hotel Could Benefit From a Brand Refresh
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How Your Hotel Could Benefit From a Brand Refresh

How Your Hotel Could Benefit From a Brand Refresh

Have you ever come across a brand that once looked amazing and fit the business it was representing perfectly - only to find that years down the line it’s looking tired and turning customers off?

We have.

And it’s important to realise there’s no shame in this!

A good brand refresh provides a company with a new lease of life - and reinventing your brand and business has never been more popular than it is right now.

This is because with a saturated, fast paced market across all business sectors, it’s important that you stand out - so if your only brand isn’t cutting it anymore, let’s shake it up!

We’ve worked with a range of hotel clients and refreshed their brands and/or logos, and one of our favourite projects was with the Crowne Plaza.

Could your hotel benefit from a brand refresh too?

Let’s find out!

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You will meet the needs of your changing customer base

It’s generally agreed that as a nation, we don’t feel as old as we used to. Fifty is the new forty, sixty is the new fifty - and so on. So if a hotel has a brand that looks tired, one that perhaps isn’t modern enough, then they could be seriously limiting their brand potential.

In short, a brand refresh could be vital when it comes to attracting modern day audiences.

But it’s not only the age we feel inside that’s changing, we’re also becoming more and more tech savvy too. It’s important that your brand looks the part and compliments this technology - and an ideal way to achieve this is with a spruce up of your brand that you can shout about.

You can change your branding conversation

Perhaps you’ve had a tried and tested branding method when it comes to tone of voice and design - and perhaps it works. But have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a new conversation?

Sparking the attention of your target audience once more and starting a new conversation not only raises brand awareness, it also makes your business even more relevant in current market.

With a rebrand, hotels can draw more customers because your business is at the forefront of their mind. And the more customers you attract, the bigger your hotel business can grow. Everyone wins!

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You’ll beat the competition

Nothing leaves the competition behind more than a fresh look. Refreshing your brand will help keep your current customers attracted to the business as well as drawing in new ones - ie, people who were staying elsewhere before!

A little refresh can be the perfect way to leave your competitor’s brands looking tired and outdated. Lead the way before someone else does and opt for a rejuvenating brand refresh.

It’s time to make a statement, and a brand refresh is an effective tried and tested method!


Your employees will find it easier to relate to your business

When new employees join the company, it can be hard to verbalise exactly what your business is all about. This is especially relevant and important for those in customer facing businesses such as the hotel and leisure sector.

Your employees old and new must understand your company’s morals and personality, and then be able to apply it during their job every day. How can you do this effectively? Well, a brand refresh can certainly help!

Your refresh can be summarised in helpful brand guidelines, allowing for everyone to get a real sense of what your hotel and services are all about. And if people understand your business you’ll get a consistency that all brands really need if they want to work effectively. It’s also worth mentioning that consistency generates trust between business and customer, so don’t miss out!


It will encourage brand consistency

Over time, brands can become muddled and confused - it happens to the best of us. New products and a change of employees can sometimes cause a state of array. But a brand refresh can help stop this from occurring.

By bringing collateral and everyone up to date with your new brand look and what it’s all about, you can be sure a refresh will bring with it consistency like you’ve never seen it before. This is especially important for businesses like hotels that operate on a multi-national scale.

People across the globe expect a certain look and service from you - so it needs to be consistent to encourage brand loyalty.


pixel8 & you

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Here at pixel8, we adore a great brand refresh.

No matter whether you want us to refresh your whole brand or simply a take a look at a certain aspect such as your logo, we’ll be able to provide the services that will rejuvenate your brand and raise it to new heights. 

We’ve worked with everyone from popular hotel chains through to Manchester United Football Club and Electricity North West, and we offer our services in a variety of areas including:

  • Brand essences
  • Brand guidelines
  • Logos
  • Tones of voice
  • Brand personality
  • Product design
  • Business assets

In short, we know the perfect formula required to refresh a brand whilst still staying true to the original core of your business.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, give us a call on 0161 228 6849. Our friendly pixels are waiting to help you unleash a new lease of life through your company’s brand!

You can also see what we're up to on Twitter and Facebook if you're after all the latest branding news. 

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