How to Use Video to Raise your Brand Awareness
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How to Use Video to Raise your Brand Awareness

How to Use Video to Raise your Brand Awareness

Every form of digital media can be used to promote your brand. From photographs through to videos - you simply cannot afford to miss any area if you really want to make your brand stand out and draw the attention of your target customers.

With that in mind, we’re going to focus on video in this blog and how you can use them to raise the awareness of your brand.

78% of people watch videos online every week, and this is an audience you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to catch. So what’s the best way to utilise video in your integrated marketing campaign?


How to use video to raise brand awareness

Brand awareness is vital to the life of your brand, especially in the online sphere. No online brand awareness = no online business.

But we’re sure you’re already aware of this - so let’s take a look at how video can assist you with this aim.


1. Create an advert

Creating an advert can sound like a large and tiresome task, but if you outsource it (especially if it’s an animation) then there will be little work for you to do - but endless benefits to reap.

This idea is especially beneficial if the services your company offer aren’t mainstream and easy to understand. An advert can be a great way to break down the barriers and help users to decipher exactly what your business provides.

Once the advert is out there you can embed it wherever you like. Uploading it to the likes of Vimeo will give you an embed code that you can use across press releases, blogs and much more.

Create an advert and then be sure to promote it! In a world where people are so captivated with online videos you’ll be onto a winner.


2. Create a video that will go viral

Of course you can never guarantee that your video will go viral, but the weirder and wackier it is, the more likely people are going to repost it. And this will lead to more and more people becoming aware of your company.

Think about the types of viral videos you’ve seen in your lifetime.

Remember the Evian dancing babies?

That video went down in the book of Video Marketing Legends. It also went viral and has now racked up over 114 million views - and that’s just on YouTube.

It takes hard work and a dedication to produce a video that has the chance to go viral - but if you really think hard about what it is that people like during their online videos, you really could be in with a chance.

Clue - They usually like funny things that surprise them!


3. Use live streaming

Live streaming can be your best friend when it comes to video marketing. If your company’s CEO is giving a talk, or perhaps a big event is coming up, live videos can offer a friendly yet professional insight into your company.

However, be sure to advertise your live stream if you have one coming up - you don’t want to go live only to find that you have no one watching!

Great platforms to use for the likes of this include Periscope. Live videos offer a personal and approachable edge for your company.


4. Ensure your customer’s stories are heard

Woman on a bench using a laptop.

Written reviews and testimonials are great for any company, but if you want to take it that one step further then videoing a customer talking about their experience with your company is the way to go.

There’s something about seeing someone in person talking about a brand that builds up much more rapport and trust than a written review.

You can and must use this to your advantage! So use video in your marketing and really push out any fantastic reviews for all to see.


The benefits of video


1. Video will generate more traffic to your website.

The best way to think about any video you embed is that it’s a link to your website. Creating an engaging video that outlines what your brand are about, whether it’s a traditional advert or perhaps an animation, will attract attention.

By directing them towards your website, you’re likely to see an increase in traffic, which of course could lead to more sales.


2. It breaks down barriers

Sometimes businesses can feel impersonal, but when there’s video involved with a member of your company featuring in it, or an already satisfied customer addressing your target audience, these barriers start to disappear.

You can create a fun and professional tone with a video, and that’s why it works so well at attracting customers.


3. You could go viral

When videos go viral they reach millions and millions of people. Imagine the impact that could have on your brand awareness and your business!

It would be brilliant!


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