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How to use Buffer to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

How to use Buffer to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile


There are an abundance of opportunities for committed fans of LinkedIn.

Offering the chance to connect with influencers, browse the latest job offers, and snoop on colleagues, LinkedIn isn’t short of its use. But - unfortunately - there is one hurdle that impacts us all: time.

Creating beautiful, engaging social posts and updates can sometimes be a drain on resources. Especially if you are trying to raise your public profile without compromising on your time spending doing actual work.

So that’s why we thought we’d create a blog all about the marvels of Buffer.  

Like Tweetdeck, Buffer allows marketers and savvy business pros to schedule their posts in advance of publication. Buffer lets you manage all your accounts in one handy place, including: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. What's really unique about Buffer is that it takes each platform's individual quirks in to consideration and allows for 'clean' publishing - providing link previews in the correct format. Other scheduling platforms such as Hootsuite and Sproutsocial don't allow for this. 

What’s more, it provides users with plenty of amazing data too. Like when the best time to publish your content is. And offers bespoke social post suggestions based on your interests.

If that sounds appealing, then this blog will take you through - step by step - how to setup and manage a Buffer account.


  1. Sign up

Visit the Buffer website and click ‘Start Scheduling Posts on Social Media’.

You will then be taken to a separate page that’ll ask you to fill in your social media account details.

Fill everything in and then clickAuthorize app’.


  1. Add your social media accounts

Congratulations! You’ve set up a Buffer account.

Next, you’ll be asked if you want to add other social accounts to your Buffer platform. This is your opportunity to connect Buffer with LinkedIn.




Sign in, add your password, and then click ‘Allow access’.


  1. Find your optimum post time

After that, you’ll be taken to your Buffer homepage and given the option of creating some snazzy social content.

But hold your horses!

There’s one more important step to take. Buffer offers a fantastic tool to help users publish social content at the optimum time - ensuring that your LinkedIn and Twitter posts get as much traction as possible on social media.

For example, it can tell you about the best times to publish your posts. And you aren’t limited to just one social media account - you can harness the power of multi-marketing and cross-post your updates on different platforms, like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

So click ‘Schedule’ on the top right menu, and scroll down to ‘Optimal Timing Tool’ at the bottom of the screen. Give it a click.


Select the social accounts that you wish to optimise and roughly the number of times you’d like to publish content per day. Click ‘Submit’.

Woah. And Buffer has done all of the hard work for you.

Below, as you can see, Buffer has given me 5 different options - all of which are the best times for me to start tweeting and posting on LinkedIn:

Click ‘Replace existing schedule’ and get ready to start creating some social content! It’s also worth mentioning that Buffer gives users the option of setting 24-hour time, which is particularly useful if you plan on reaching digital audiences on an international scale (or midnight owls).


  1. Create your post

Now, you can begin creating and scheduling social posts on Buffer. Go back to your homepage and here's your opportunity to get creative.

There are plenty of blogs and articles available online dedicated to the art of great social content, but now isn’t the time to offer our two cents.

Instead, if you want more information, have a look at these handy resources:



Once you’ve added in your content, you can then attach a photo or attach a link preview and make sure your post/tweet is as attractive to users as possible. One biggie, NEVER use hashtags on LinkedIn. It might be tempting to cross-schedule across all your social platforms with the same message, but LinkedIn does not host the mighty #. This is a huge giveaway to marketers (and seasoned LinkedIn users alike) that you are taking shortcuts and not paying attention to detail with your content.

One great function on Buffer is that the platform gives users the option to share their content ‘Suggestions’ - a list of previous posts, from other users, that have already proven successful. The content is all from high-authority sources and offers a combination of hints, tips, and article recommendations for your audience to pore over. 

It’s entirely up to you if fancy exploring with ‘Suggestions’ and using pre-created content.

As a general rule, this type of feature should be used to supplement your own social media posts - not as a substitution. They won’t convey your personality or unique interests. But if you see something that strikes your fancy, then it good be a good boost to your existing social strategy.


  1. Track your success

Your journey with Buffer will likely involve some trial and error. But luckily for you, this scheduling platform also provides users with fascinating and useful data when it comes to the success of their posts.

Click the ‘Analytics’ menu button and you’ll be presented with a track record of your recent social media updates.

As you can see, Buffer provides you with a list of your most successful social media shares - across multiple platforms - and let’s you filter according to date and metric.

Above is a recent post from the pixel8 Facebook account. As you can see, Buffer tells you exactly how many people saw, clicked on, and ‘liked’ the post. So when it comes to creating your own LinkedIn content, you can track what works - and what doesn’t - without wasting any time.

And for those of you who plan on using Buffer in the longterm, the Analytics feature is fantastic for honing your social media skills and getting the most from LinkedIn.


How to use Buffer for LinkedIn

There you have it: 5 simple steps to get started with Buffer and kick-start your LinkedIn stardom.

Of course, you’ll still need to dedicate time to creating great social content - and interacting with others on a daily basis. But Buffer is definitely a good starting point.

If you fancy learning more about using social media to build your professional network, download our free eBook today and share your thoughts on Twitter.

Happy posting! 

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