How Some Of The World's Best Brands Are Preparing For The 2016 Olympics
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How Some Of The World's Best Brands Are Preparing For The 2016 Olympics

How Some Of The World's Best Brands Are Preparing For The 2016 Olympics

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have noticed that there’s a heck of a lot of buzz in the air about the 2016 Rio Olympics!

It’s been 4 years since London last hosted, and now brands are getting geared up ready to celebrate the Rio games. But just how are businesses around the world making the most of this monumental sporting competition?

Below we’re going to see who’s getting excited in the run-up!



Somewhat ironically, fast food chain McDonald's always tend to get involved in these types of events on the calendar, and the 2016 Olympics are no different.

McDonald's are fond of supporting charities, and in one of their latest tweets via Twitter you can see that they’ve made two kid's dreams come true by sending them to Rio to see the Olympics.


This is a great opportunity for McDonald’s because they can show how generous they are, as well as promoting their brand as one that cares about its customers.

They have even turned the Olympic rings yellow in the bottom corner, much like their very own logo. They've managed to keep things on brand, as well as relevant. Good job, McDonald's. 



The Coca-Cola brand don’t skip a beat when it comes to making their brand part of worldwide events, and it works so well because this brand is one that is enjoyed globally.

Their Rio campaign is called ‘That’s Gold’, and they’re putting an emphasis on doing your best, rather than going for the need to succeed at everything in life.

Just the other day, they introduced this campaign to their Twitter account.


The above snapshot is actually a montage of three images, each one featuring athletes enjoying a refreshing bottle of Coca-Cola.

This is actually the US account for Coca-Cola, but we’re certain it will be reaching far and wide around the world as the Olympics edge closer and closer.



As a television provider, there’s little wonder why SKY TV are jumping on the Rio train.

Using the hashtag , the brand gets the conversation flowing around things such as their brand new box office movies hitting their tv package soon.



Sky have even included a little bit of humour in there, and although Superman doesn’t seem to have much in common with the Olympics, they’ve actually managed to piggyback off of the hashtag quite well without looking spammy.

And they’ve gained a good few likes and retweets for it, too!


BBC Sport

Much like Sky are getting ready for the Olympics, so too are BBC Sport.

They’re currently hosting a countdown on their Twitter page to highlight some of the best British athletes who are taking part.

Their page, obviously, is full of sporting news and updates and they’re so quick to update that this tweet itself has been hidden amongst everything else on the page, despite only being posted 6 hours ago.

It’s clearly a busy time for the brand during the Summer of Sport, and we’re really intrigued to see how the handle all the Olympic events coming up - especially considering the fact that some of them will be airing quite late at night due to the time difference.


Eastlands Trust

Another brand we've been working with closely ourselves on the build up to Rio is Eastlands Trust. You can have a look at our blog right here to get the complete low down, but for a quick recap, we've been helping them promote their screenings from the National Cycling Centre on Twitter with the hashtag .

If you dress up and take a funny picture in the 'Fan Zones' at various sports centres across Greater Manchester, then you can also enter a competition to win an Olympic taster session!

It's a great event to be working on and we can't wait to see the results on our Tint wall at the end of it all. 


Rio 2016

We’re incredibly excited to see where the Olympics takes brands this year - keep an eye out for our post-match analysis as we cover the brands that aced Rio 2016 coming soon on the Pixel8 blog!


Branding and Pixel8

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