How Remarkable Branding Bridges Online and Offline Experiences
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How Remarkable Branding Bridges Online and Offline Experiences

How Remarkable Branding Bridges Online and Offline Experiences

Back in the day, branding used to be an offline experience. It was all about appearing on the right billboards, mailing letters to the right people and overseeing other print advertising mediums. And although there is still room for this arm of branding today, there’s also a new kid in town.

Online branding is now more important than ever. According to ALPHR, 85% of the world’s population shop online. Because of this, it’s incredibly important to make sure your branding is remarkable so that it works both off and online.

But how do brands do it?

It’s all about thinking outside the box and coming up with excellent brand campaign ideas that are sure to attract the attention of your target audience.

Intrigued to find out more? You’re in the right place.

But first, let’s discuss the differences between online and offline branding.


Online Branding

Image of Google on a Mac laptop

Online branding can cover everything from social media through to blog content - and it’s an incredibly effective way to attract customers online.

There are currently around 3 and a half billion people using the internet around the world - so you can clearly see its appeal when it comes to raising brand awareness!

Some of the best things to cover with your online branding efforts include the following:

  •  Social media

Social media platforms are free to use, and because of this they’re a great way to connect with your audience.

You can, of course, pay to have your product or brand put in front of certain people too which is known as social advertising.

Social advertising is incredibly targeted, so you know that your brand will reach the right people if you do it correctly!

  • Content

There’s a whole field known as content marketing, and that’s because the internet is made up of content. But what constitutes content?

It doesn’t just refer to blog posts, It’s also videos, images, infographics, podcasts and much more.

Content helps us to get links, encourages people to visit our websites, and there’s also online PR to make the most of this realm, which is the new way of reaching audiences via news outlets without having to always consult newspapers.

  • Email

Email marketing is also another effective way to get your brand out there.

The hardest thing in this avenue is gathering these emails together, as well as ensuring you’re delivering useful and read-worthy content and not spamming people’s inboxes!


  • Search

Search engine optimisation is a great way to get your brand out there online, and refers to the act of ensuring your brand ranks for keywords so people can find you via search engines.

There are more than 40,000 Google Searches every second - and that’s without even thinking about what the other search engines such as Bing get too.

This avenue is vital for getting traffic to your website, so make sure you consider this for your online branding.

  • Display Advertising

Advertising online with display advertising is a really good way to get your brand out there. It incorporates everything from your branding to your products, and they’re usually found featured on websites.

We’re sure you’ll have come across them at some point on newspaper websites in particular - and they’re fantastic for raising brand awareness.

  • Website Development and User Experience

How good your website is is also incredibly important to online branding.

You want one that’s quick, user-friendly and works on mobile devices.

Just last year mobile overtook desktop for the first time ever when it comes to browsing the web, so don’t underestimate the power your website holds - and how important it is that it works well across all devices!


Offline Branding

Woman carrying an expensive handbag

Offline branding is also incredibly effective, and the popularity of online activity shouldn’t switch you off from more traditional methods of advertising. It all has its place, and using this type of thing might even make your brand appear to be more unique than competitors.

Here are some great examples of offline branding:

  • Networking

Networking is one of those things that some people would rather avoid, but it’s also an incredibly effective way of getting your brand out there.

So many brands hide behind their computer screens these days, and face to face communication has such a big impact precisely because of this.

Don’t miss out!

  •  Speaking at Events

Interacting with other people makes you stand out for the reasons mentioned above, and speaking at an event helps with this because it sets your brand as an authority in your sector.

You’ll get to appeal to your target audience on mass with this method, so consider this offline branding area if you want to develop.

  • Print Publications

People still buy magazines and newspapers, and although it may not be as popular is it used to be, print publication advertising is still a big business.

You only need to take a look at a random magazine in the newsagents to see just how many brands are still making the most of this medium for raising brand awareness.

Just make sure you put it in the right publication for your target audience!

  • Direct Mail

Direct mail is another way to grab your audience’s attention in a way they may not be expecting.

If you create mail that’s entertaining and draws people in, you could find yourself seeing great results from this form of offline branding.

Which is great because your competitors are probably under-estimating it! 

  • Trade Shows

Trade shows are as popular as ever, and they’re a fantastic way to get your brand out there. Set up a stall that’ll pull people in with clever branding and freebies.

It can be an easy way to capture emails and push ahead with the email marketing mentioned earlier!

  • Experiential advertising

Marketing is all about the experience these days, the more you can get your customers directly involved, the better.

Whether that’s offering free makeovers if you’re a makeup brand, or providing free food samples - getting people involved with your brand will make them feel important and show off your brand as one that cares deeply about its customers.

So there you have it, online and offline branding. But in what remarkable ways are businesses already bridging the gap? We take a look below:


How to use remarkable branding to bridge online and offline brand experiences

  • Consistent Branding

One of the best things to achieve across all your branding for your business is consistency.

Whether it’s on a piece of mail or on your social media channels, you need to ensure your branding is the same and that your tone of voice is the same. 

Consistency bridges the gap between on and offline, allowing both of them to work together. Never underestimate this area!

  • Stick to your strategy

Having a brand strategy that’s effective can bring in a lot of business, and if this is consistent across online and offline you’ll find the gap between them disappear completely.

It’s effective brand strategies that are successful, so study what your competition are doing and see what is and isn’t working out there.

You could find yourself achieving huge brand successes with the right strategy to hand.

  • Omni-channel marketing

Another remarkable place to achieve branding success is omni-channel marketing.

If these are seamless across all your marketing channels both on and offline you’ll find that people trust your brand more than ever before.

Brand recognition will also shoot up, so keep your omni-channel marketing as smooth as possible!

A great example of this is done by DoubleTree by Hilton, who provide fresh baked cookies to everyone who stays at their hotels and then carries this across to their social channels too.

Just look at the header on their Manchester branch’s page!

Here you can see both online and offline working seamlessly together - kudos to you DoubleTree!

  • Understand the customer journey

A lot of the time now, people will research a product online before investing in it. Therefore, it’s incredibly important that you make sure all touchpoints your customers meet you at are on brand - and that you also know where these touchpoints are.

For example, Silver Bay Holiday village both advertise a lot online, as well as in magazines which their target audience read, such as Cheshire Life.

They understand that their customers might begin their buying journey online, or that they may discover it offline first.

In short, they understand their customer’s journeys - making their remarkable branding perfect for both online and offline conversions!

  • Flawless Mobile UX

UX stands for user experience, and because so many people now surf online you need to make sure your website is ready.

People like to browse when they’re on the move, and even if they’re in a competitor's store you could take them away and encourage them to buy online if you do it right.

Make sure you website is fast, easy to use and completely intuitive. Then reap the rewards!

  • Promoting a lifestyle, not a product

These days, customers want more than just to see a good product.

They want to know how it can be incorporated into their life. And that’s exactly why you need to promote a lifestyle, not just a product or service.

This is done both off and online, bridging that gap, and is effective in both mediums.

You need to tell a story via your mailing campaigns AND email campaigns.

  • Taking advantage of online trends

Another great thing to do is make the most of online trends.

Whether this is certain hashtags or something else entirely, an online trend will also feed through into offline too. (How many times have you seen hashtags when you’re out and about?!)

It all adds up and bridges the gap between online and offline branding efforts.

  • Employee Advocacy

Remarkable brands will also make sure their employees are on brand, as well as their marketing materials. This is because your employees are both the face and voice of your business.

Whether they’re running your social accounts, answering your phones, or speaking to people face to face - they all need to stay on the same page and promote the same brand personality.

Producing brand guidelines can be incredibly useful for this and can assist your employees with understanding your brand's personality. 

  • Leveraging social media

Finally, you can’t forget the power of social media.

Interacting with customers, and retweeting things they’ve witnessed themselves offline can be a great way to get to know your customers, as well as figuring out what they really like about your brand.

Social platforms let you get your voice out there and offers real-time customer relations for all to see. So why not show everyone how great your customer service is online as well as offline?


Online and Offline branding go hand in hand, so always make sure you keep this point in mind if you want to achieve branding and marketing success. We’re certain you’ll see the results you’re after if you do!

And remember, the main key thing to remember is to launch remarkable branding from the go... and the rest will fall into place!


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