How To Refresh A Logo - A Crowne Plaza Case Study
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How To Refresh A Logo - A Crowne Plaza Case Study

How To Refresh A Logo - A Crowne Plaza Case Study

We <3 logos - which is lucky, really, because logo creation is one of the central parts of creating any brilliant brand!

Now we know every market is saturated with a range of logos, so it’s important that your brand has the ability to POP. However, don't worry - it’s not impossible to create a logo that stands out and retains the attention of your customers.

Here at pixel8 we have helped numerous brands create a logo that’s bursting with the personality of their business, which is probably why the Crowne Plaza chose us when it came to refreshing their logo!


Crowne Plaza Brand Logo Refresh

crowne plaza.jpg

The Crowne Plaza had already done their research, and they had created a logo that was consistently recognisable worldwide.

Yet it was our job was to give this logo a refresh whilst not taking away from what the Crowne Plaza are all about.

It was important to the Crowne Plaza brand that the logo remained instantly recognisable - which meant that retaining the brilliant iconic parts of the design were key. The world already knew and loved the three flags - so we knew we had to keep these as a central focus yet refresh it as well.

So we sat down and got our thinking caps on!


How We Refreshed The Logo

When looking at the old logo, the first thing we noticed was that the letters in the words ‘Crowne Plaza’ needed the tracking adjusted so that they could balance correctly.

We also realised that the three flags were not equidistant from each other, so we adjusted this to ensure that no matter what the size of the logo it would remain consistent.

When it came to design, we decided to go with two options - the colours of plum on white and a new version with a pixel8 created thumb curve.

The result was a mixture of old and new; a recognisable brand that had been given a new pixel8 lease of logo life!


What Did We Achieve?


The next step in the pixel8 master plan was to make sure the logo remained consistent across all Crowne Plaza collateral.

In terms of colouring, we decided that the logo should always appear in its striking plum colour, or in its white out version inside a plum thumbnail.

This would help ensure that no matter where the logo was used in the world, the brand would look consistent.

The global, unified logo would display each hotel name underneath it, and to also keep this looking identical it was important to have a universal font. This font had to be easy to read, work well with the rest of the logo and also compliment the current Crowne Plaza font.

After much heated font debate, we decided to go with ‘agenda’. The fact that this lettering translates across all languages was certainly a key factor in its selection too!

The pixel8-created thumbprint curve we used on the logo was inspired by the flags, and this was used across all collateral. It enabled us to do something new and innovative with the logo to make it pop whilst still retaining everything the logo is about.

95% of the logo usage included the new thumbprint, enabling a new look and feel across the whole business - a result we were incredibly happy with!

As the curtains began to fall on the project, we also decided to play with the colouring more to help give each type of Crowne Plaza documentation a distinct identity. After more discussion, we decided on the following:


  • Fuschia was to be used on all collateral relating to the Crowne Plaza experience

  • Citrine was to be used on meetings and business documents

  • Zest was to be used on everything relating to food and drink

  • Pacific Blue was to be used on everything bathroom related


The accent colour on each thumbprint enabled us to clearly define the different areas of the hotel - allowing the logo to remain consistent as well as clearly organising the various parts of the hotel chain.

It was a pleasure to work on the Crowne Plaza refresh, and it really was one of our most enjoyable brand refreshes to date!


Pixel8 and Logo Design

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