How To Recycle Online Content In The Leisure Sector Successfully
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How To Recycle Online Content In The Leisure Sector Successfully

How To Recycle Online Content In The Leisure Sector Successfully

Content marketing is an intense practice, and it’s one of those areas that travel and leisure marketers need to keep abreast of constantly.

But why is this?

Well, there are a few key reasons why leisure companies should be making the most of content marketing strategies, so let us explain why. 


The Importance of Content Marketing in the Leisure Sector

According to a HubSpot report, "Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their efforts."

 But content marketing isn't all about writing. It's about posting videos, infographics and promoting content that your target audience WANT to see. 

Leisure businesses already making a good go of this include the likes of the well-known cinema chain Odeon. They reguarly push our content their fans will love such as relevant film news and special offers. 

Take a look below for a few social media content marketing posts!


Sounds and LOOKS good, right? But pushing out brand spanking new content - whether it’s videos, blogs or something else entirely each week can be hard work.

But there is one thing you can do to really make the most of your leisure content and ease this pressure on your marketing team - and that's to recycle it.

Content recycling doesn’t mean reposting old things. It doesn’t mean pushing out duplicate content across your website.

What it does mean is being clever with what you’ve already got. Perhaps you’ve got an ebook all about marketing in your sector, for example. A form of content recycling would be to push these out as a series of blogs. If you want to update them even more you could even add a few new statistics or perhaps insert an additional interview.

You need to think outside the box a little bit, but we’re here to help you recycle this content if your business is in the leisure centre.

Keep reading if you’re hoping to become a content marketing king (or queen!).


1. Keep your content evergreen

Image of a tree growing in the dark

Sometimes you will post seasonal content - and that’s fine. If there’s an event coming up or something everyone’s talking about, it’s good to get involved if it’s relevant to the leisure sector.

But if you choose titles in the first place that are evergreen, you can keep pushing them out through your social channels and they’ll still attract readers. This is because they’re relevant all year round and this will keep people clicking on blogs that might even been two years out of date. All you need to do is be clever with your blog topics and titles.


2. Refresh what you’ve already got

It’s also important to refresh what you’ve already got. Perhaps you wrote a blog about popular sporting activities a year ago - and now there are new ones. You can recycle this content by simply adding the new activities.

This will keep people reading your blog and it’s a quick way for you to push new content out there without having to start from scratch.

It’s effective little tasks like this that make the difference between an old piece of content and an exciting piece of evergreen content.

Make the right choice!


3. Repurpose things you’ve already posted

Earlier on we touched on the idea of repurposing content you’ve already got in different formats.

The example we used was the ebook being posted into series of blog posts, but this isn’t the only way you can do this in the leisure sector.

There are many other ways to recycle old content. Perhaps you could post a transcript of one of your most popular podcasts. Perhaps you could pull together blogs on the same topic and put them into an ebook instead. It’s all about putting a new spin on the old. It’s what upcycling is all about!


4. Consider visual avenues

Silhouette of two guys at the coast

People love visuals, and they could be more likely to stay on your page with them. So instead of swapping an ebook into a blog post, why not consider taking old blog posts and making them visual?

Slideshows and infographics are both an excellent way to do this. They give you the chance to break down your leisure content into easily digestible chunks, and with an average of 55% of visitors spending less than 15 seconds on your website according to HubSpot research - it’s never been more important to get across as much information as you can in such a short amount of time.


5. Write a part two

If you have a successful blog on your hands and want to keep reaping the rewards for minimal effort, writing a part two can certainly help.

You already know the formula that works and the format of the blog.  From there you can easily put together another one with little effort on your part.

Get your fastest writer on the case. It doesn't require extensive amounts of planning because you already know exactly what you need to do to create an amazing piece of content that your audience will love. 


Why bother recycling?

There are many benefits to content recycling. One of these is that it’s good for SEO purposes, because it allows you to get even more juicy keywords in there without stuffing your content with them.

It’s also, obviously, a time saver - meaning you get to put more effort into your other marketing campaigns, whilst also having the peace of mind that your content is looking after itself.

You also get to show off your expertise even more by repurposing, and solidify yourself as an expert in the leisure sector. It’s important to be seen as an authority in your chosen sector because it’s then that you start to  encourage loyalty to you and your knowledge of the sector.

In short - you have to show them you know what you’re doing!  


Integrated marketing and pixel8

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