How To Create An Ingenious Logo - The Novus Case Study
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How To Create An Ingenious Logo - The Novus Case Study

How To Create An Ingenious Logo - The Novus Case Study

We adore a great logo simply because they do so much for a brand. 

They attract customers, help to tell a brand story, and they also allow brands to become recognised time and time again.

So when Novus came to us requesting a logo design, we were more than happy to undertake this important journey with them - and we feel it certainly paid off!


The Novus Logo Design

When Novus first approached us they were known as Seddon. As part of their rebranding strategy, they needed an excellent logo from us - and it was important that we got it just right.

We wanted to make sure that the logo truly represented exactly what Novus are all about, and we needed to ensure the personality of the businesses shined through in order to make sure the logo was doing its job.

This is logo was to go to be used on all collateral from business cards to van livery - so there was no room for error.




How We Ensured The Logo Did Its Job

We knew from the off that the logo had to embody change, and that this had to be supported by the new ideology Novus were creating compared to the original Seddon before them.

From this, we created the Novus butterfly. The butterfly was to reflect new beginnings and also the progression of the business too.

However, it wasn’t a traditional butterfly. We knew this animal wouldn't fit in with their specific sector, so we decided it was a better idea to block the pattern to create something more solid and structured.

We had a range of colours in the back of our minds. Everything from pink to purple, but in the end we went with our favourite, orange, and matched it alongside a graphite grey and pale silver grey too.

The aim of these colours was to add stability and flexibility, making the orange of the logo the exciting, creative twist.  


What Did We Achieve?


We, along with Novus, were more than happy with the results. We achieved a logo that was simple and recognisable - yet still striking.

One of the best things about the design is that it looks great across all channels, whether in full or single colour.

The logo went on to feature on all brand channels on and offline, and we’re proud the logo was created alongside the inclusion of all stakeholders.

This wasn’t the only logo we created - we sent multiple options through to Novus. Some featured rather generic shaping that reflected the company’s heritage, and others were more abstract to allow for Novus to get out there and become a directional force in the sector.

In the end, it was the butterfly that prevailed to carry the business forwards.


What Can pixel8 Do For Your logo?

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