How to Create an Effective Brand Message for your Business
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How to Create an Effective Brand Message for your Business

How to Create an Effective Brand Message for your Business

To have an effective brand, you need to ensure that your brand message is on point. But what is a brand message? And why is it so important to the failure or success of a company’s brand.

That's where we’re here to help.

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What is a brand message?

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Your brand message is the story of your brand - what is it that makes your product stand out in your market? How are you going to sell your services above the services of others?

One widely recognised brand message from global fast food icon McDonald's is ‘I’m Lovin’ it.’ From this, we get the message that McDonald's is the doorway to a tasty, quick meal that you’re sure to adore. Notice the use of ‘loving’ too, - the word’s shorted to have a chatty and friendly feel, and from this we also receive the message that McDonald's is a fun brand, and one that we can relate to.

All of that from one sentence. It’s good, right? But your brand message doesn’t end with a good slogan. You need to decide on your message and support it through every aspect of your branding. Whether it’s the colours you choose in your branded materials or the tone of voice you use online/in your digital marketing - it all helps to convey your ideal message to the masses.

So now that you know the importance of an effective brand message, you’re probably wondering how’s best to create a brand message that’s sure to leave an impression?


How to create a great brand message

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Rule one of a brand message is that it has to be relatable. No matter whether you sell whether it's tools or pet supplies - your message needs to resonate with those reading it. In short, you need to connect with them beyond what’s on the surface.

To do this, you need to focus on your selling point and then communicate it with your audience in mind.

Who are your target prospects? What do they like? How do they talk?

We’ll refer back to the McDonald’s message again here - they want to appear friendly and as though they’re a friend as opposed to a large corporation. They achieve this with their chatty and fun message - so consider how your audience would like to be spoken to and portray this in your message too.

You also need to keep it consistent. This means taking the time to make sure each piece of branded material your produce matches the precise tone you’re aiming to achieve within your brand message. 

Do you have a chatty tone of voice on your website but perhaps have a rather serious tone on your email marketing? You need to change it. Your brand message has to be unified to be believed. Remember that.

But how to can you ensure brand message consistency?

Well, it could help to write some guidelines. All effective brands with have these in place, and it's something for employees to visit when they perhaps need a little guidance with colours, imagery, text - anything at all to do with the brand, really.

And having what your brand message is and how to communicate it within this can be a huge help.

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Your brand message also needs to be bigger and better than your competition - you don’t want to fade into oblivion.

For example, a competitor for McDonald’s is Subway, and their brand message all resonates around their slogan ‘Eat Fresh.’ Of course, we know this is just a starting point for the brand message, but it hasn’t gotten lost next to McDonald’s.

By taking a completely different angle, Subway has managed to stand out and carve a place in the fast food industry for their brand and message.

That's what you need to do, too. 

Your brand message and pixel8

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If you’d like some assistance with your brand message then why not call pixel8 today? We’re experts at all things branding, and we know what it takes to create a branded message that’s sure to stand out from the crowd.

You can reach us on 0161 228 6489. Our branding and marketing experts are ready and waiting to help you achieve brand success beyond anything you’ve ever dreamt of!

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