How Can Multisite Businesses Embrace Digital Transformation?
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How Can Multisite Businesses Embrace Digital Transformation?

How Can Multisite Businesses Embrace Digital Transformation?

It’s a digital world.

According to the Digital Stats blog, ‘Advertisers spent a record £8.61 billion on UK digital advertising in 2015’ - and that’s just one small arm of the digital transformation businesses are tackling globally.

With figures like this in mind, it’s hard to deny the importance of digital when it comes to growing and progressing a business, but as stated on, ‘digitisation continues to present both challenges and opportunities to businesses.’

So how can multisite marketers embrace the digital transformation they’re currently surrounded by? These are our top tips for success!


1. Digital Software

Image of a computer

Instead of worrying about the uptake of digital software, why not jump straight to why it could be so excellent for your business?

There are many different platforms and packages to explore, a quick Google search will tell you that. Here we’re going to outline some of the best ones that could make a huge difference to your company!


Digital Asset Management

You may have heard of digital asset management (DAM) before, or you may be totally new to it all - but it’s a very exciting prospect for businesses with thousands upon thousands of digital files hanging around that are incredibly hard to sift through.

The main aim of a DAM system is to help you organise your digital assets, AKA your digital files. Everything from pdfs through to jpg files can be stored on a DAM system - and it helps you to keep everything in one centralised place.

Gone are the days of scrolling through endless files and computers for one singular file!

As well as that, DAM software works online meaning you can access files anywhere in the world. But it doesn’t end here!

  • DAM platforms make sharing files easier than ever before

  • They allow you to tag your files with keywords so you can find them quickly

  • They offer you control - you can decide who sees what files and make sure only up-to-date assets are available.

If you think your business could benefit from DAM technology, take a look here.


Web to Print Software

Another great package taking the business world by storm is web to print software. This is sometimes known as web to publish in an increasingly digital space, and it’s a platform that allows you to create your own digital marketing materials in-house without an agency.

It does it by providing you with bespoke templates where you can lock down certain elements such as images and logos. You can then allow some parts to be changeable, allowing you to create hundreds of pieces of marketing material for all of your sites taking an hour or so, instead of days on end.


Take a look here to find out all you need to know about w2p software.


2. Digital Agencies

Another thing you can use to flourish alongside the digital transformation are digital agencies specifically working in this area.

These agencies tend to be well versed in their market (especially one like us!) and they can offer insight and guidance to companies who need some support when it comes to being a digital success.

Agencies can help with a wide range of areas such as:

If half of those bullet points sound new to you, don’t be put off. With the help of an agency you’ll be ticking these boxes - let your agency do the leg work which will free up your time considerably!

They’ll drive traffic to your website and help generate new business.

You’ll see the results of a good digital agency if you find a revenue increase and/or more customer inquiries.


3. CRM Systems

Another great way for the modern day business to adopt technology in their business is to invest in a CRM system.

CRM stands for customer relationship management system, and this is the modern day version of keeping paper records of these relationships.

A good CRM system will become central to a business and will allow you to benefit from the following features:

  • You get to record your customer journeys including touchpoints you’ve had

  • You can manage customer enquiries across all avenues from phones to emails

  • A good CRM system will enable you to spot patterns and help predict your future sales

This is a great system whether you’re a b2b or b2c business, and it can really help you to get a better understanding of your customers. Don’t miss out on this great piece of digital software.


How to adopt new technology - and get everyone else on board

One of the hardest things about a digital transformation is making sure all your employees are on board too.

Some people are reluctant to change, but there are certain ways you can combat this.

We’ve listed some of the most helpful tips below:

  • Ensure you provide adequate team training
  • Remove traditional processes so that new technology must be adapted
  • Introduce a rewards system to get people involved
  • Set a good example and ensure upper management are on board

If you adopt these tactics, you'll find team members embracing the digital transformations of your company in no time. 


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