How to Build a Brand the World will Remember, Tomorrow
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How To Build A Brand The World Will Remember Tomorrow

How To Build A Brand The World Will Remember Tomorrow

Building a brand that people will appreciate is a task that takes skill, talent, and a lot of knowledge about your customer. Yet it’s building one that people will remember long after you've initially reached them that proves to be a harder challenge. 

Brands want to be chosen by the consumer, and marketing is a key driver for increasing that likelihood. 

A key priority in marketing and advertising is creating and reinforcing positive brand memories, associations that lead customers to buy, not once, not twice, but for a lifetime. Customer loyalty is key for any business to grow.

With that in mind, explore below to discover our top tips for creating a brand that the world will remember, tomorrow. We have some tactics that will ensure that you are marketing to create a strong positive memory that will result in growing sales year on year.

1. Vision, Mission, and Values: Pinpoint what makes your business special

How to Build a Brand the World will Remember, Tomorrow

When it comes to anchoring your brand, you need to highlight what makes your business different from all the other competition in your sector.

Whether you’re in the hotel industry or food and drink, having a staple feature that makes your brand unique is vital to creating one that people will remember.

Not sure what that is yet? Here are some key areas for consideration:

  • Vision

  • Mission

  • Values

  • Marketing Positioning

  • Tone of Voice

  • Visual Identity

Sit down, get your employees together and come up with what it is that makes your business stand out from the crowd. This can only be cultivated successfully once every employee understands the brand’s true purpose. Then you need to make sure it’s incorporated throughout your brand message and collateral.

2. Make an impact

Performed thoughtfully, strengthening your business’s brand elements to better activate customer intent will deliver powerful business results.

A strapline which encapsulates your brand ethos is one element to drive this home to your customer. You only need to think of the likes of McDonalds to appreciate how powerful this can be.

What’s their strapline? Well, we’re sure you know. The I’m Lovin’ It phrase will probably be ingrained into your brain without you even realising how or when it got there!

Creating something memorable like this will make sure your brand stays fresh in the mind of potential prospects in the near future. You’ll be remembered without even needing to try too hard - the hard bit, however, is coming up with that one sentence that could change it all for your brand.

3. Do you understand your customer?

To really be a brand that is memorable, you need to understand what your customers desire.

This will ensure you have a brand that communicates with them effectively and understand what their needs are - and they’re sure to remember a brand that does that!

If you’re a provider of fresh juices, for example, you know your customers are probably going to be health fanatics who enjoy eating clean - so you need to emphasise this on your branding to get their attention.

If you get this right,  your product should speak for itself and solidify itself in the minds of your target customers.


How to Build a Brand the World will Remember, Tomorrow

4. Seek attention and go viral

People love nothing more than viral content in the age of social, and it’s a fantastic way for brands to get their message out there with minimal promoting on their behalf. Viral marketing allows the consumer to do the legwork. The more they share with their network, the more reach and success your campaign will see.

Yet the hardest part about this idea is finding content that's on-brand and people will want to see and share.

Consumers are savvy and they're not going to push out something full of blatant advertising. This is why you need to develop a deep analysis of your customer's persona. Discover what makes them tick and siege the opportunity to craft a clever campaign that will delight, or at the very least, capture their attention.

Take a look at this great example from Android last year below:

Now how could the consumer resist that piece of video marketing. Android have been very clever. They know their audience and have produced something they will value, share, and most importantly, remember!

The power of video is something that no brand should underestimate and frequency is important as a key memory driver. When creating video content it's crucial to have a strategic plan to ensure the material is seen by the right people at the right time. Consider which platforms and channels your target audience are most active on and filter your video marketing campaign into their online activity. If you target correctly, the sentiment will be positive, if you throw caution to the wind and push out for all the world to see, your brand may be vulnerable to negative feedback. Be strategic, and be clever, and don't forget, you need to analyse your results and use your findings to build momentum for the next video campaign.


5. Use an agency


Just like a branding expert can’t make your lovely juices (we're sticking with the juice business theme here), it’s probably likely that you'll need assistance when it comes to creating a brand position, persona, message and any collateral if you want to be a mega success.

And an agency can bridge that gap for you.

You’ve got the great product, now it’s time to consult those who know how to create successful brands to really get the kind of success you’re dreaming of!

Now all you need to do is find one that's creative and passionate about your product just as much as you are!


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