Happy World Emoji Day from Pixel8! Discover the Pixels' favourite emojis...
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Happy World Emoji Day from Pixel8! Discover the Pixels' favourite emojis...

Happy World Emoji Day from Pixel8! Discover the Pixels' favourite emojis...

In the world of emojis, anything is possible. You can take on any form; from a hapless crying face to a monkey covering his eyes in utter embarrassment.

Emojis are so popular in the modern mobile era that there are even bed sheets, t-shirts and edibles being sold on mass bringing all your favourite miniscule faces and objects to life. So one has to beg the question, how did the evolution of messaging bring about such a high demand for communicating with emotions rather than words; and do you have to be a millennial to truly understand how to use emojis?

Let’s get some facts out of the way first, did you know:-


1. The first World Emoji Day was back in 2014, with the date 17th July chosen as it appears on the ‘Calendar’ Emoji.

2. The most used emoji on Facebook is the ‘laugh cry’ face. It also is popular on Twitter  too, with users preferring this to any of the other 2,666 available.

3. ‘Heart Eyes’ steals the hearts of the public with second place, which fills us with joy!

4. More than five billion emoji’s are sent everyday on Messenger - now that’s a lot!

5. The top ten most-used emoji’s on Facebook are all happy emotions - none of them are negative.


So how did emojis come about?

The first ever emoji was created in Japan in 1998/1999 by Shigetaka Kurita, he was part of a team working on NTT DoCoMo's i-mode mobile Internet platform. The main influence for his creation stemmed from watching weather forecasts that used symbols to portray the weather. The first set of 176 12×12 pixel emoji’s was created as part of i-mode's messaging features to help facilitate electronic communication, a number which has grown exponentially to number you are familiar with today. 

So there you have it, the emoji is just short of 20 years old and has since been used by Apple, Samsung, Google, Facebook and many, many more.

If there was ever a day to over-use and spam the laughing crying face to your friends, today is devoted to you!



Pixel8’s Favourite Emojis

We do love a good emoji in the Pixel8 studio, admittedly some more than others, check our top smiley’s below!


Georgia - Hugging Face

My favourite emoji is called the 'hugging face' emoji, but to me it looks like it's doing jazz hands or shouting surprise. The hugging face emoji can fit into A LOT of different types of conversation (believe me, I know). So I like the hugging face best because it's versatile and cheery, and a little bit cheeky, too!

Luke - The Face With Stuck-Out Tongue & Winking Eye

This is on my top used emoji list! The cheeky nature of this emoji definitely reflects my personality!


Nic - Monkey See No Evil

I love the 'Monkey See No Evil' emoji which I actually use to represent 'Head in Hands' moments of embarrassment.

Like today where I have forgotten to bring my purse to work!


Mahesh - Fist Bump

My fave emoji is the fist bump. It sums my personality more than a handshake or thumbs up.


Nigel - Crying Laughing Face

I love the all time favourite, the laughing crying face! Because, who doesn’t!?


Matt - Tiger

I have 2 Maine Coons at home so I think this emoji is fitting to my love of cat-like animals.

Mark - Clinking Beers

I use this one a lot, particularly on the weekend!

World Emoji Day

We hope that you've enjoyed World Emoji Day and have gone emoji wild! If you'd like any assistance with your social media marketing in the future, get in touch with Pixel8 today on 0161 228 6489!


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