Georgia Bradbury: My First Week at Pixel8
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Georgia Bradbury - My First Week at Pixel8

Georgia Bradbury - My First Week at Pixel8

It’s safe to say I’ve never enjoyed a first week of work as much as I have at pixel8.

And no, I’m not sucking up (but if it does have that effect, then excellent), but truly, working here really has opened my eyes to what branding and integrated marketing is all about.

My role here is Lead Content Producer, and I’m already immensely excited by the kind of writing that’s been sent my way. It really is a breath of fresh air to have content requests that have ranged from 40 words through to a 1000 - and the client variation has allowed me to exercise a range of writing styles: just how I like it!

My first day was Thursday last week. It consisted of an induction from the lovely office manager Susan, a run down of content clients from the inspiring Sian, scouring through the ever-so-organised Rachel’s helpful content guidelines for each client, and also a lovely meeting with the wonderful Jamie - who introduced me to what pixel8 is about and who we’re working with.

Oh, and he also informed me about the Christmas party, which is taking place on two barges this year - and is also pirate themed fancy dress (it was a very important meeting).

After this, I settled in my desk Minions and they love their new family.

Here is their first portrait together. 

(Shout out to Wilbert the pig who is Rachel’s desk buddy, and is also missing her terribly.)

Throughout the week I’ve written lots of content, learnt how to take on the world of social media - digital marketing style, and I’ve also discovered the art seeding via it’s creator - Sian. I feel I now know all the clients well and I’m really enjoying my new pug mug, courtesy of my lovely mum, that’s keeping me topped up with tea!

Last Friday, I had the “Lego Talk” with Nigel, and I’m looking forwards to hearing more about his creations in the future! Everyone seems so creative and passionate about what they do here (you need to check our Sian’s artwork if you haven’t already), and it’s lovely!

Truth be told though, I have felt like a part of the team ever since I walked in the building, and everyone here has made me feel very welcome.

Although, to be honest, I knew it was my kind of place when I walked in and saw the huge collection of toys.

How can you not like working somewhere that has a Buzz Lightyear watching over the office? 


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