Five Digital Trends and Statistics We've Discovered This Week
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Five Digital Trends and Statistics We've Discovered This Week

Five Digital Trends and Statistics We've Discovered This Week

Digital marketing can sometimes feel like a wild, restless animal.

Just when you discover one trend or stat and start following it like a sacred, religious text - another pops up!

Yet it’s this that makes our industry so interesting and, most of all, challenging.

So if you’re ready to discover the five digital marketing trends and statistics that have everyone buzzing this week, you’re in the right place.



1. 360 videos are now a thing

When we talk about 360 videos here, we’re not referring to the likes of virtual reality headsets and footage. What we’re actually talking about are 2D videos that allow you to drag and move around them for a 360-degree view of the scene.

Still not sure what we mean?

Take a look at this new advert here from Kayak Explore.

We’re sure you’ll agree that this bit of technology is rather exciting, and it offers a brand new way to explore video.

Consumers love video - and so do we! But it’s also worth noting that this feature only works on Facebook desktop so far - it’s not currently mobile optimised!


2. Children now spend more time online than watching TV

Image of children running through a field

It’s a shift that’s been happening for a while, but now NetImperative have reported that children are now spending more time online than in front of their television sets.

So what does this mean for digital marketing?

Well, there’s certainly bound to be a shift towards digital for companies targeting this audience. Yet whether this will affect the amount of expenditure put into video advertising for children is up for debate.

We reckon it might attract more than ever. The internet is infinite - and TV set isn’t. That’s a heck of a lot of noise you have to drown out to be heard.

Good luck!


3. The shift to mobile continues to boom

EConsultancy reported this week that one in five people expect mobile spending to account for more than 50% of sales in the future, and mobile browsing to retail websites is now up to 65%.

We preach about having your website mobile ready - and with these statistics you may be starting to see why. You need to make sure your website works perfectly on mobile, especially if you’re hoping to generate revenue online.

And make it fast and user-friendly, too! No one likes to hang around and wait for slow, ultimately confusing, websites to load!


4. The popularity of social media has reached an all-time high

It was also reported this week by EConsultancy that 2.3 billion people now use social platforms online. This is the highest this number has ever reached, and simply adds fuel to the digital marketing fire.

It’s time to rally up and make sure your digital efforts are on point! You don’t want to miss out on this easy, free way to reach your target customers and make sales.


5. Millennials unlock their phone 200 times a day

Image of a woman using her mobile phone

We’ll let you digest that figure just for one moment.

Two. Hundred. Times. A. Day.

That’s crazy talk. We can’t think of anything we’ve looked at 200 times in one day. We genuinely can’t.

Yet that’s exactly what AdWeek reported this week, so it’s incredibly important that your website’s mobile ready. Get on board, and remember...



Is there anything intriguing you’ve discovered this week in the world of digital marketing? It’s certainly an exciting time to be around!

Make sure you keep checking back or follow us on Twitter. We’ll be sure to let you know if we have any more exciting digital marketing news!

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