The Pixels Are Feeling The Love This Valentine's Day!
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Discover All Things Valentine's Day With Pixel8 - From The Best, Loved-Up Social Campaigns To Our Very Own Valentine's Messages!

Discover All Things Valentine's Day With Pixel8 - From The Best, Loved-Up Social Campaigns To Our Very Own Valentine's Messages!

We’re feeling loved up today in the pixel8 office, and to celebrate one of the most romantic days of the year we've put together a blog featuring all things Valentine's Day!

From a look at some of the most popular brands on social media and how they're promoting this seasonal event to our sign off section dedicated entirely to messages from the Pixels to those they love, it's all here. 

So let us begin and feel the love!

The Brands That Are Taking Valentine's Day Social Campaigns To The Next Level 

Would it really be Valentine's Day if brands nationwide weren't getting involved and leveraging the seasonal event to generate social interactions and brand awareness? 

We think not!

Below we've gathered together the brands that are hitting the nail on the head with their social campaigns for this loved-up holiday. There's plenty to be taken from their success, so have a look below. 


Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Donuts always have their finger on the pulse when it comes to seasonal events, and this Valentine’s Day is no different. The brand has opted to sell heart-shaped donuts - the perfect indulgent treat to share with someone you love and a great bit of content to promote on social media.

Their exclusive romantic donut gift set is available between the 11th and the 14 of February and their social promotion is getting a lot of attention from donut lovers everywhere!

They’ve created on-brand graphics that are everywhere from social media to their shop windows, and they’ve also jumped onto the hashtag, creating more of a buzz around the promotion. The use of emojis is also inspired, promoting Krispy Kreme as a fun-loving, relatable brand - especially for millennials who favour the use of emojis online.


Jury's Inn

A romantic escape is a gift synonymous with Valentine’s Day, and this year Jury’s Inn are offering a helping hand to those looking to get that special someone something amazing.

They’re hosting a competition to win a stay for two in either their Manchester or Liverpool hotel, and they’ve even been tweeting about the competition and drumming up anticipation ahead of the launch.

The aim of this campaign is to grow the follower accounts for both the Jury's Inn Manchester and Liverpool, and this is evident because that’s the way prospects can enter the competition.

They’ve also provided a platform for people to discuss which city they love most, Manchester or Liverpool, which is always a topic of conversation people enjoy discussing and will generate social media chatter.  

Finally, this brand have also jumped onto the hashtag, and we’re certain it’ll pay off when it comes to generating brand awareness.


Dove Men & Care

Some brands aren’t using Valentine’s Day as a focal point for their campaigns on social media. In fact, Dove Men & Care have cleverly incorporated Valentine’s Day within an existing social campaign in order to leverage better results - inspired indeed!

Over the past few weeks, the brand has been promoting the Six Nations rugby union event heavily across their social accounts, and with Valentine’s Day here they’ve combined the two together and created a cheeky, romantic GIF that’s still on brand and also promotes the rugby.

We love the way they’ve combined two events into one to generate maximum interactions and awareness on their social accounts.



If you have children, you might already be aware of the buzz Cbeebies are generating during their story time show by featuring a certain actor that has been getting both ladies and men a little hot under the collar.

Tom Hardy will once again be reading another bedtime story on Cbeebies, and this time it will coincide with Valentine’s Day - something the television channel have been quick to point out to fans!

It has gone wild already, generating 30k shares on Facebook alone. And the romantic undertones in the advert are also delightful. What’s so clever about this campaign is that it is targeting children, of course, but is doing so by also appealing to their parents, resulting in the brand communicating with two separate audiences at exactly the same time. It’s rather ingenious.



Coronation Street

One brand that has taken Valentine’s Day in their stride is the ITV television show Coronation Street. Promoting the event across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, they have developed a range of content pieces from a video of one of their characters sending a special Valentine’s message, to a quiz where people can discover their Coronation Street sweetheart.

Their Instagram video has generated 1,808 views in the first 11 minutes, and their loved-up quiz is generating buzz on Twitter. Even actors from the show are interacting with it, which once again is giving the Coronation Street brand an even bigger presence in the social media world without costing them a penny.

They’ve even posted an exclusive interview online with two actors that are currently involved in a romantic storyline, offering fans an insight into the show as well as keeping within their Valentine’s theme.

It’s a great example of a brand leveraging as much interaction as they can alongside a seasonal event, and the broad range of content stops it from becoming tedious, even if you follow the account across a range of platforms.


Pixel8 Valentine's Day Messages

Finally, we're feeling the love so much in the office that we've also created some Valentine’s Day messages for those we care about the most… enjoy!



Happy Valentine’s Day to my lovely fiance, Pete, with whom I have just celebrated 7 years together with! Also sending love to my mum, dad and brother - still waiting on the card and chocolates my dad used to send me when I was little though… might be a while.


Happy Valentines Day to all the lovely family, friends and dogs in my life. And big love to Tom Hardy and memes.



Happy Valentine's day to my tribe, you're the sunshine of my smile.



Here's to all our wonderful clients and all those potential new clients that we would love and care for in future.
Here's to my wife and son who I could not possibly love any more than I do. 
Happy Valentines all my lovely friends and family peeps.


We've been through some big ups and down. We've had some amazing nights and horrible afternoons that make me think, "why do I carry on?". But I don't know what I'd do without you. I think about you all the time and get so excited when I see you. All I ask for this Valentines is three points tonight at Fleetwood (and on Saturday against Bolton, and the Saturday after).
Bradford City, you're my everything and I love you. 


Whatever you're doing on this romantic day, whether it's spending time with your partner or celebrating with family and friends, we hope you're feeling the love and have a special day indeed! And from all of us here at pixel8 - Happy Valentine's Day! 


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