Did 2015's Digital Marketing Predictions Actually Come True?
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Did 2015's Digital Marketing Predictions Actually Come True?

Did 2015's Digital Marketing Predictions Actually Come True?

2015 has certainly been an interesting year for digital marketing - and right at the beginning of the year a variety of industry experts had something to say about what we could expect from in the sector during 2015.

But how much of that has come true?

Take a look below to see the most common predictions and whether they really did spring to life this year.


1. Mobile will take over 

Someone holding a mobile phone out in their hand

You’re probably already aware that this is one prediction that did actually come true. Mobile overtook desktop usage for the first time ever in 2015 as you can see in this helpful chart from Smart Insights - but this is only the beginning. 2016 will likely see the rise of this even more.

It’s important to make sure your company’s website is optimised for mobile for precisely this reason. Make the most of this trend and optimise your website fully for mobile - otherwise, you might get left behind the competition.


2. Video Marketing

Video did become more popular in 2015, but it most certainly has room to grow even further as we head into the new year. 

This form of advertising is incredibly useful for those hoping to garner the attention of their target audience, and this is for a few key reasons. 

Video enables companies to get across a large amount of data in a small amount of time, making it a great tool for advertising. 

As well as this, the best videos are also entertaining - and this is what keeps audiences interested and encourages them to share video adverts with their own friends and followers. 

We're excited to see where the brands of the world take video marketing in 2016 considering the amount of potential, and you should be too!


3. Wearable Technology

We have to say, this is one area where we feel 2015 was most certainly lacking. Sure, the Apple Watch was released which a lot of people genuinely bought into, but beyond being a glorified fitness tracker wearables haven’t got much further than 2014 at all.

This is especially true for Google Glass of which production was stopped. But is there room for wearable technology in 2016? We think so!

The possibilities are endless with this. Whether it's showing someone around a hotel virtually, or perhaps offering a clear look inside a new vehicle without needing to go anywhere near one - wearable technology such as the Google Glass does have potential. The creators just need to make sure that they get it right first! 


4. Virtual Reality

There was a lot more buzz around virtual reality in 2015. The headsets appeared on various television shows (especially the likes of the Oculus Rift), but did it go beyond that? Not exactly.

It’s still not something that’s a part of our everyday lives, however, VR gaming headsets are due to reach the market in 2016  which could mean it’s actually next year that sees the rise of virtual reality for good.

Excited? We certainly are!


5. Mobile Payments

You might have seen people using their phone to pay for goods on the television, but have you actually used it yourself?

There are a lot of incentives for using contactless payment with our regular debit cards- and it’s certainly a life saver when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to mess around with pins. But will the act of pulling your card out ever be replaced with a mobile phone?

Maybe, but it doesn't seem right to say that 2015 was the year where it really ‘took off’.


6. Brands will become more ‘human’

It’s always important for a brand to show that they care about their customers, and 2015 saw a rise of more brands acting more human than ever before.

We only need to think about the recent Mentos adverts to get a sense of this. The ads are called ‘Mentos Mentors’, and the idea of the advert is that adults go up to strangers and say exactly what a child in a studio is saying to them in their ear, out loud.

It’s a delightful set of ads that are sure to warm your cockles - and we’re impressed by Mentos’ effort to appeal to good old human nature in their marketing.

Take a look at one of them below:

Is this something that will continue on into 2016? We think so.


Pixel8 and Integrated Marketing

Now 2015 is coming to an end, we’re excited to see what’s ahead. One thing’s for sure though - it’s sure to be an interesting and enlightening ride!

If you’re interested in improving your digital marketing and would like some advice and guidance, then get in touch with pixel8 today.

We’re branding and marketing specialists, and we know what it takes to propel your brand above and beyond with integrated marketing. Including everything from social media through to content production and PPC, we’re here to help you make the most out of your online marketing.


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