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Design Wizards Jon Massey and Ryan Brown Win Chip Shop Award

Design Wizards Jon Massey and Ryan Brown Win Chip Shop Award


Pixel8 are delighted to announce that Jon Massey and our Creative Designer, Ryan Brown, have won a Chip Shop Award for their work on Cheadle Rifle Club.



Nominated in the ‘Best ad for a friend or relative’ category, our dynamic duo took home the prize and demonstrated their amazing design skills in the process. 

Jon told us a little about the thought process behind the project,

'Inspiration can come from anywhere and at anytime. For a competition like the Chip Shop where outcomes can be limitless, it's important to always keep your eyes open. I'm a massive fan of ambient media and using mediums that you wouldn't generally use day-to-day.  I find leaving your desk and wondering around the city really helps get the creative juices flowing.'

The Chip Shop Awards are one of the most prestigious and unusual advertising events of the year, having been established to celebrate everything good, bad, and just downright offensive in the advertising industry.

It was founded with the belief that great advertisement campaigns shouldn’t be hindered by unwilling clients or dodgy account managers. Instead, there is absolutely no rules for entering the Chip Shop Award - even if the client isn’t actually - well, your client.

We are absolutely thrilled for Jon and Ryan, and we’re certain we’ll see more incredible creations from these talented designers in the future.

Congratulations, guys!

You can follow Jon on Twitter  and keep an eye on this blog for more exciting design work from the pixels.

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