Crime Solving Virtual Reality & NASA's Retro Posters - It's the Pixel8 Weekly Trends 24.02.2017
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Crime Solving Virtual Reality & NASA's Retro Posters - It's the Pixel8 Weekly Trends 24.02.2017

Crime Solving Virtual Reality & NASA's Retro Posters - It's the Pixel8 Weekly Trends 24.02.2017

The last week of February has been intriguing for marketing, branding and design experts.

From the rise of voice activation to how VR and graphic design are helping to solve crimes - this is one weekly trends blog that you won’t want to miss.

FYI, Make sure you take a close look at number 5. NASA have launched a retro poster to celebrate the discovery of new planets that could have alien life!


1. 10 Free Must-Subscribe Resources for Marketers in 2017 - LinkedIn

There’s a lot of content online, so if you’re looking for marketing resources that you can trust, ones that know their sector inside out, this list from LinkedIn is one you can’t afford to miss.

The list features the SaaStr podcast, Radius, and their focus on technology in marketing, and Unmarketing which is run by marketing experts Scott and Alison Stratten - who also happen to be husband and wife!

Each of these podcasts and blogs offer an insight into the sector as well as a wide selection of knowledge and expertise that will help to refine your current marketing efforts.

To see the list in full, take a look here.


2. Voice Activation

Unless you’ve been living with your head in the sand you’ve probably heard of (or seen) someone using Voice Activation to control their tech. Whether it’s iPhone’s Siri or Amazon’s Echo - talking to your devices is the new way to get them to perform the tasks you require.

One of the biggest events in the technology calendar is on the horizon, and Mobile World Congress will see Voice Activation as one of their hottest topics for 2017. In celebration of the event, Marketing Week have released a video detailing everything marketers need to know about this wave of tech.

To watch the video in full visit the website. Also discussed are the future of wearables and NFC-enabled technology.


3. VR and Graphic Design are now helping to solve crimes

Solving crimes is an ever-evolving practice. Year after year, new and improved technology is realised to make the job of the police and courts easier - and 2017 is seeing VR and Graphic design take centre stage.

Evidential are leading the way with this technology, and they’re now able to recreate crime scenes in virtual reality format - something that is taking the UK and European courts by storm.

Creative Review have an interview on their website from founder Sean Murphy. Make sure you take a look and dive further into how technology is progressing the state of humanity. It’s certainly an intriguing read.


4. How to Run a Successful Webinar

Having as many content types available as possible really helps to achieve content marketing success for brands, and one of those content types all brands need to be thinking about is Webinars.

Adobe reported that they had a 50% average registration conversion via hosting Webinars, proving the effectiveness of the content style.

Marketo discuss how this content type allows your business to establish themselves as a thought-leader and also helps to develop your brand’s voice. But to do this successfully, your business/team need a thorough understanding of how to run a Webinar session.

Discussing everything from content creation to promotion across your channels, Marketo have got everything covered in their guide. You can view it online here.


5. NASA celebrate new planet discovery with retro-designed posters


If you’ve been watching the news this week you'll probably have heard that NASA have discovered a range of planets - all with similar traits of Earth. Their findings conclude that there could be a possibility of alien life in space!

To celebrate, they’ve created a retro movie poster that makes us instantly want to put it on our bedroom walls.

Fans of the design will also be pleased to know that this isn’t the only time the company have done this - they also released another poster in 2015 when they previously discovered new planets, and they’re a delight to see.

Explore them here on the Dezeen website in more detail.



With virtual reality and voice activation leading the way in marketing and branding technology advancements, it's an exciting time to be a part of the sector. The future looks bright with a heavy emphasis placed on technology. 

However, also important are more traditional marketing styles. Hosting webinars, creating content around PR announcements to generate even more buzz, and innovative marketing resources all still have their places. 

Where 2017 will take all over the above over the next coming year remains to be seen, so for now, make sure you check back next week to catch all the latest branding, marketing and design advancements in the industry. 


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