Corrie's First Few Weeks at Pixel8!
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Corrie's First Few Weeks at pixel8!

We always love making new members of staff feel super welcome here at pixel8, and one of our newest members to join the team is Corrie!

Corrie is joining the ranks of our talented web developers, and he’s already fitting in very well with the team.

We thought we’d ask him a few questions to see how he’s getting on and finding his first few weeks at pixel8 towers.


How have you found your first few weeks here at pixel8?

My first weeks have been great.


What projects are you looking forwards to working on?

I've already had exposure to quite a few of the projects, but I'm looking forward to the continuous improvement and expansion of the in-house applications (BrandIt & StoreIt) as they will provide a lot more opportunities to expand my knowledge.


How does pixel8 differ from places you've worked before?

Pixel8 has a nice working atmosphere and because of the size of the agency everyone gets along really well; at the same time, the team sizes gives ample opportunity to have an active influence on the project life-cycle.


Do you have any tech heroes?

I'm really into cryptography and algorithmic processes so I've always really admired Alan Turing. I'm currently writing a book on Ada Lovelace too, whom I have the utmost respect for.


If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Ambitious, Gregarious & Diligent


Tell us a bit more about yourself!

I like living healthily - as terrible as I am at it. I love to go running in the morning before work so that my mind can fully relax and focus on the work to be done for the rest of the day. I also (usually) fast every other day. Technology has always been a big part of my life, I enjoy designing architecture for systems and then implementing them - from Internet Of Things applications to Games. I guess I'm also a big gamer - it's awe inspiring to experience the stories and worlds other people create and feel as though you are apart of that. Hmm what else... I like history, reading and writing stories.


Finally, who's your favourite pixel8 employee so far?

You're all a wonderful bunch.


It seems, yet again, that we have failed to get a new employee to answer the dreaded who’s your favourite employee question (but there’s always next time!)

We’re really excited that Corrie is enjoying his time here so far, and we’re expecting big things from this ambitious individual.

If you would like to work at pixel8, then why not take a look at our vacancies page? We’re always looking for sparkly, new talent!


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