Content Marketing for Luxury Hotels: A Guide
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Content Marketing for Luxury Hotels: A Guide

Content Marketing for Luxury Hotels: A Guide

Content marketing is one of those areas that all hotel marketing managers will be aware of. But in this piece we're going to give you precisely what you need to take your content marketing above and beyond anything you've ever done before. 

Whether you’re new to the game or know what content marketing’s all about, this guide is going to assist you in taking your content experiences to the next level for your hotel. Think of this as your go-to point to execute an effective content marketing strategy time and time again.

Below we explore the ins and outs of the area, including heading right back to the basis of what is content marketing through to how to improve your current hotel campaigns. By the end of this guide, you can rest assured that you’ll know everything you need to know how to plan and launch an effective content campaign!


What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is all about creating and sharing intriguing and attractive content that’s going to draw customers back to your website and brand.

A lot of people consider ‘content’ to be limited to writing, such as blogs, but it goes way beyond that. Content can refer to anything from a video through to an image, and the whole idea is that you position your brand as a helpful authority in your area. This will help to generate consumer trust, thus leading to more sale. 

Sharing this content is usually done by the likes of social media. So head on over to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+ to start setting up business accounts if you haven't already. 

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” - Andrew Davis - Content Marketing Speaker


How to Create Great Content for Hotels

Birds-eye image of a hotel and pool

Creating great content is all about knowing your audience. If you know what they want to see/know, you’ll be able to effectively provide it.

With this in mind, you need to get inside the brains of your audience. What is it that makes them tick? What do they want to see, hear or read? What’s going to make their buying journey easier?

They’re probably going to want to know about local attractions if you’re a hotel, for example, or all about the types of amenities you have. This will be helpful to them and will assist them with choosing your hotel to stay at during their next trip.

Once you grasp this you’ll be able to formulate great content for your hotel, but the next question to ask yourself is what type of content you’re going to go with.

As mentioned earlier, content goes way beyond simple blog posts. You can create videos, post images, links to podcasts, anything at all.

But if you’re worrying over how on Earth you’re going to find the time to create all this content during your busy hotel marketing schedule, there’s no need. It’s always great to create your own content, but you don’t need to do it 100% of the time.

You can repost content from other people such as interesting articles - just make sure they’re not from competitors!

Yet the content marketing hacks don't just stop there.

Got a popular blog post on your website? Why not repurpose it as an infographic of slide show? It will present your content in a new format without requiring you to go back to and write something from scratch. It’s one of those sneaky content marketing tactics that will help keep you and your brand ahead of the game in your campaign.

Plus, visual content would work great for a hotel. Show off your facilities and rooms and you’ll find visitors flocking to you before you know it!


Content Marketing Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

So now you know what content marketing is and have some tips on how to do it, how about some statistics to show you exactly why you need to be partaking in this marketing avenue?

With statistics like this, it’s clear that content marketing is the area to be looking at if you’re in the hotel sector - and also that there are some key ways to get your audience reading that you might not have been aware of before.


How To Improve Your Current Content Marketing Campaign

Image of a hotel bar

Perhaps you’ve already got a campaign to hand and you’re doing pretty well with it. Well, in this section we’re going to help you take it to the next level.

In the above quotes, you may have noticed a few sneaky tips. For example, content with coloured visuals is obviously one way which you can take your content marketing and make it even better.

Below we’re going to look at a few more handy content marketing hints!


  1. A great way to make sure your hotel content marketing is on form is by following a style guide. Put one together for your company, outlining tone of voice, brand personality and more. This guide will then become your content bible, because with this close to hand you’ll be able to ensure that any content you release will be true to your brand and consistent each and every time.

  2. As well as repurposing content, as we mentioned earlier, another way to create effective content marketing pieces is by generating something that isn’t time sensitive. This means you can keep pushing out this content because it will be relevant no matter what time of year it is or what the date is.

  3. Another key thing to do is take a close look at any content marketing metrics you have. Google Analytics is a great tool for this, as it can show you where people are entering your hotel website from and which are the most popular blog posts you create. This means you can reflect, learn and achieve something amazing again.

  4. It’s also important that you ensure your hotel stands out with your content marketing efforts. It’s key to research what competitors are doing, but you don’t want to copy them. You want to do something BETTER than what they’ve achieved. Think about how you want to portray your business. If you’re a family friendly hotel all about having fun, then show your staff partaking in fun activities and providing great customer service. Your target audience will respond if you give them what they want and the bookings will flood in.


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