Common Mistakes Family Leisure Operators Make on Trip Advisor and Google Local
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Common Mistakes Family Leisure Operators Make on Trip Advisor and Google Local

Common Mistakes Family Leisure Operators Make on Trip Advisor and Google Local

Every day, thousands upon thousands of UK family leisure operators fight it out to win the leisure spend of the nation.

But just how do parents come up with new and entertaining ways to keep their children short of boredom? Well, they head online, of course.

But where do they go?

The likes of TripAdvisor and Google Local are becoming some of the most influential websites people use to decide what they’re going to do on their days out - and the reviews on these websites could be the difference between someone visiting or someone avoiding your attraction all together. Which could mean you’re missing out exceedingly easy business if you’re not keeping an eye on it!

So what are the most common mistakes that are made on these accounts?

From neglecting to check the feedback to failing to upload photos that sell the heart of your business in a glamorous way, you could be setting yourself up to fail without even knowing it.

In this blog we’re going to take a look at some examples of Google Local and Trip Advisor that could do with some serious improvement. We hope there’s something in here that will help you to improve your own!


Vue Cinemas - Leeds

One of the first thing anyone sees when visiting a TripAdvisor is the images. We’re sure you’ve probably spent time yourself scrolling through these pictures of various restaurants, hotels and the like. But it seems that Vue Cinemas in Leeds have no interest in this at all, (which we find really surprising)!

Their first three images don’t exactly show the cinema off in the best light unless you’re a Fast and Furious fan. However, the dirty carpets and damaged roof tiles are incredibly hard to ignore - and could be turning customers away before they’ve even left their homes.

All Vue need to do is add their own images. From there they’ll be able to shape the way potential guests feel about their cinemas, encouraging them to visit on their family days out.

It really is that simple!


Frankie & Benny’s - Warrington

A lot of businesses fear TripAdvisor because of bad reviews, but sometimes your worst critics actually have the best advice for you - especially if it’s something that you’re hearing about time and time again.


This is something that Frankie and Benny’s seem to be turning a blind eye to on their TripAdvisor page.

As you can see from above, people are largely complaining about the service at their restaurant and the price tag. The business could learn from this feedback and turn their profile around with changes to their business internally.

Sadly, ignoring these things don’t make them go away, so Frankie and Benny’s must take note.

If they do it will have a positive knock-on effect, and it’s a great way to succeed at providing excellent customer service!


TGI Fridays - Sale, Greater Manchester

Google Local is the page that comes up when people are looking for your business on Google, so it’s incredibly important that you make a good impression on this page.

One business that needs to take a look at their Google Local page is TGI Fridays. There doesn’t appear to be any kind of pattern with each of their restaurant branches varying, but the restaurant in Sale, Greater Manchester, needs to consider how they’re appearing to visitors on Google.

Straight away, the lack of image is striking. A picture of a delicious burger or perhaps the quirky TGI interiors could certainly help them appeal more on Google Local.  

Their description is also short and to the point, and although it does give some useful information it could go further by adding more such as what they actually mean by ‘American Fare’.

It’s a task that will likely take less than fifteen minutes to fix. but it could see even more customers turning up at this brand of the restaurant.


The businesses doing it right

There are of course companies out there really making a great success of TripAdvisor and Google Local.

Below we’ve listed some great examples, so why not see what you can learn?


Hyde Park Picture House - Leeds

As you can see, the Hyde Park Picture house puts a lot into their Google local. The first image you see is a beautiful representation of the independent cinema and is certainly very enticing to those looking for something fun to do!

As well as this, there’s lots of information about the site such as opening times, length of visit and even a description covering the history. It’s obviously paid off because the cinema has 0 one star reviews and 229 five stars!


Las Iguanas - Cheshire Oaks

It’s not only independent businesses that are making time for TripAdvisor. Some of the big brands are too, and this is an example taken from Las Iguanas in Ellesmere Port.



As you can see, they have received an excellent review from a customer, and they’ve gone on to read it and come up with a thoughtful response that lets the customer know that they’re appreciated.

We love that a big brand is doing this, and it proves that there’s plenty of opportunities for other chains to make the most of TripAdvisor and make their customers feel special.


Zizzis - Manchester Piccadilly

When it comes to Google Local, Zizzi’s are doing it right.

You can see above that there’s a shot taken from street view which helps people recognise it’s location, and the brand image on the right is on brand with fresh hanging food and a slick kitchen. The image demonstrates what Zizzi’s is all about - fresh Italian food.

Although their Google+ page doesn’t have a header image, there is a helpful description as well as opening times. On top of this, the image fits the brand!

It’s this information that feeds through to their Google Local page, and the little tick shows Zizzis have verified their account.

Change that header image Zizzis, and you’ve pretty much nailed Google Local!


Pixel8, TripAdvisor and Social Media

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That’s where we can help.

We’ve got a wide range of experience running social accounts and would love to work with you on yours too.

Want your TripAdvisor or Google Local updating? Let us know. Fancy venturing out into other mediums such as Twitter and Facebook? We’re here for you!

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