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Brand Management just got a whole lot easier!

Brand Management just got a whole lot easier!

It’s every brand manager’s worst nightmare – having insufficient resources to control a brand only results in a wider audience creating off brand marketing collateral that only serves to weaken the brand position.

Stick or twist, there’s no right answer. One creates a bottleneck and slows communication, whilst the other results in design inconsistencies and a dilution of the overall brand.

And then there are hundreds of individual assets that are needed to create integrated marketing collateral. These are often saved across multiple computers, internal and cloud-based servers. All filed in ways that only the original operator that saved the assets can find them and then, of course, there’s no convenient way to search for any of these brand assets unless you know the saved location,  folder, and file name.

Managing assets has become impossible and as a consequence, the same antiquated, outdated images keep being used. Even worse, photoshoots have to be scheduled and managed because there’s no easy way to access the plethora of costly brand images that already exist somewhere in the ether. Sharing is often done via a mix of email attachments and file sharing sites such as Dropbox or WeTransfer, where file links are defunct or passwords have been lost.

Considering most of us work in a fast-paced digital environment where brand assets are needed in real time to work across multiple social media platforms, this challenge has become more and more complex. Add in the growth of an organisation’s international footprint and the issue starts to impact on a global scale.

Brand consistency is no longer the preserve of the biggest brands like Apple, Google, and Nike. Thanks to cloud-based software like Brandit and Storeit , brand management is now a reality for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Ensuring all the right assets, with all the legal restrictions and license usages are monitored and made available 24/7.

Learn more about the benefits of Brandit and Storeit and transform the brand management of your business…


“While working for a gym group in South Africa, I had always thought how great it would be if there was a platform which would allow my centres to create their own marketing collateral. A lot of the time the centres would ask for a simple change in price or message and I would have to use my advertising agencies time to make the smallest of changes (which could take 7 – 10 days for them to do). I subsequently moved to the UK and started working for GLL in Jan 2017. To my delight, I found out that their leisure centres use Brandit to do this exact task. The centre managers can log online, choose their choice of medium (flyer, poster, eco-roller banner), update images and content through various templates available, and send straight to the printers once approved on my side. Turnaround time is quick and centres can market quickly. A definite win for my centres and a win for me.”

Alexa Chilton - Marketing Executive - GLL

City & Guilds

“Pixel8 have been great at understanding our business and what it needs. Their BranditGlobal™ Digital Asset Management software, has helped us significantly reduce our marketing spend and provides an intuitive interface for our users. The support and account management has been fantastic so far and I feel confident that if an issue ever arises, it will be dealt with swiftly with minimal disruption to our service.”

Stefan Harris - Commercial Director - City & Guilds


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