Brand Guidelines - The Hotel Indigo Case Study
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Brand Guidelines - The Hotel Indigo Case Study

It’s a well-known fact that all pixels love a really good set of brand guidelines. Why is that, you ask?

Well, it’s simple.

Brand guidelines unite a company behind one clear message. From your logo through to your written content, guidelines keep it consistent!

A consistent brand helps to generate trust, and this attracts and retains business - so it’s little wonder that Hotel Indigo were interested in doing this for their hotel business.

But are you curious about what we actually did for them? Well, we’re about to let you in on the pixel8 brand guideline secrets.

Shh! Don’t tell anyone!


The Hotel Indigo brand guidelines

hotel indigo.jpg

When it came to Hotel Indigo, they requested brand guidelines from scratch - and we were more than happy to oblige!

It was important that the guidelines were clear, concise and enabled a sense of consistency across all business outlets.

It also had to be easy to implement, too.

Hotel Indigo are a worldwide company that were aiming to unite on a global scale, and brand guidelines were required to help them to do precisely that.


How we put together the brand guidelines

After much hard work, we produced copies both printed and bound together that helped to portray the company’s brand new personality. We also made the guidelines available in a digital format that were split into separate sections so they could be easily found, and quickly downloaded, on the InterContinental Hotel’s (IHG's) central resource library.

They needed guidelines to unite their hotels worldwide, and we offered them brand assistance that would enable them to present their hotel globally in the best possible light.

The consistency, user-friendly format and the easy to understand guidelines helped Hotel Indigo roll the guidelines out around across the world - and the brand has grown consistently to become exactly what we all know and recognise today.


What did we achieve?

Our helpful guidelines helped us to ensure that all collateral was coherent, on-brand and consistent from piece to piece.

It ensured that brand guidelines could be rolled out simply and applied effectively by designers across the world - and it did this in a way that encouraged artist license, as well as ensuring they were kept within the parametres provided for a consistent approach.

The essence of the brand beats through in the guidelines, and employees old and new are now able to take a hold of them and fully understand and capture the very essence of the Hotel Indigo brand.



What the client said:

“Once I showed Pixel8’s proposal to the Atlanta-based senior management team, I had no trouble convincing them that Pixel8 would deliver the highest calibre of work. The way that they translated the brand values and personality into operational guidelines and marketing communications was absolutely fantastic.”

Ed Thorne - Director of Brand Management Global and Upscale Brands, InterContinental Hotels Group


Pixel8 and Brand Guidelines

If you're interested in developing some brand guidelines for your business with pixel8 then give us a call! You can reach us on 0161 228 6489, and you can also fill out the form below to request a call back!





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