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At pixel8, we have been a digital & creative agency that specialises in graphic design since our foundation in 1999.

But since our early days of working with large clients, like Sainsbury’s and Manchester United, we have been acutely aware of the importance of brand consistency.

Working with these organisations, we shared the brand manager’s frustrations - spending 80% of the time ‘fire fighting’ to control brand consistency, empowering marketing teams to personalise design collateral, and trying to make sure the brand message remained clear.

It wasn’t always the best use of resources. And these brand managers wanted to focus more of their time on strategy and generating business.

We needed a solution. A digital tool that would provide our clients with 24/7 asset management - no matter where they were in the world.

So we started putting together the blueprints for Brandit.


Putting our skills to the test

In 2008, pixel8 were approached by a client that wanted to enable consumers to customise calendars online by creating print-ready artwork.  It was a great project and it got us thinking about how we could empower other clients to personalise in-house artwork to suit their local needs.

Then, in 2010, we engaged with Intercontinental Hotels Group, one of the world’s biggest hotel groups and we were asked to refresh one of their stable brands. Our talented team created a fully-integrated marketing strategy for Intercontinental - including web to print - but the issue of ensuring brand consistency as it was rolled out worldwide was still a real challenge.

Other web to print solutions were clunky. And we didn’t feel these tools provided our clients with the level of customisations and control they needed.

That’s why we returned to the blueprints and worked with our clients to create Brandit.


Brandit Header - Brand Asset Management


Getting creative

Built to be intuitive, easy to use and quick to set up, this web to print platform was designed to adapt to our clients’ needs - not the other way around.


We soon created Storeit too, a new asset management platform that could work alongside Brandit. Storeit was a perfect solution to one of the most common problems that our clients faced: how to effectively manage all their assets, like video and photography, in one location.

Storeit enables the upload and easy retrieval of any type of asset, so they’re instantly retrievable and safe. And since its launch, Storeit has proven hugely popular amongst our clients - including prominent organisations such as Greenwich Leisure and City & Guild.


Celebrating 16 years of digital expertise

Nowadays, the team at pixel8 have come leaps and bounds since our foundation in 1999. 

We now provide a comprehensive range of integrated marketing and branding services. And thanks to Brandit and Storeit, we are extremely proud to offer a digital asset management as one of our core services - including web to print and asset storage.

If you would like to learn more about pixel8, or how we can deliver an integrated marketing strategy for your business, please contact us today.

Ed Thorne

Ed Thorne, Brand Director
Intercontinental Hotels Group

 “The beauty of Brandit is that it is so easy to use, so its uptake has been fabulous. It means that I can guarantee brand consistency across our estate. It also means that I can easily manage artwork being created at 150 different locations across north and south America."


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