The Best Travel Campaigns That Kick-Started 2017
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The Best Travel Campaigns That Kick-Started 2017

The Best Travel Campaigns That Kick-Started 2017

For many, the beginning of a new year is all about booking a fantastic holiday - and already the biggest travel brands have been firing up their 2017 campaigns including VisitBritain and On The Beach.

From finding the perfect hashtag to taking social media by storm, these examples of digital campaigns have it all.


1. VisitBritain

With the devaluation of the pound, tourists are flocking to the UK for a break. According to The Guardian, June 2016 saw the biggest ever month for tourist visits, all thanks to the Brexit referendum - and VisitBritain have launched a campaign to capitalise on this opportunity.

The header of their Twitter page features the hashtag, which is a pun on OMG (oh my god) - and the Oh My Great Britian is a campaign that they’re promoting throughout their social media accounts.

The brand is aiming to attract a millenial audience to the UK, which can be seen by their use of internet slang ‘OMG’. They are also adopting a colloquial tone of voice as can be seen by the abbreviation of definitely, ‘def’, in the following post:

They have also enlisted social influencers with a strong online presence to interact with the hashtag.

The brand is making full use of their social media accounts with this campaign, especially Twitter - and it’s a great style for other travel brands to emulate when it comes to launching their own successful digital campaign.

With the popularity of social media for millennials, brands need to take control of this market space if they want to attract this audience to holiday with their business. Visit Britain have provided a great example of this, and have a clear understanding of the colloquial tones and know how to generate the social media buzz that this particular audience is fond of.


2. Thomas Cook - You Want, We Do

With their latest campaign, Thomas Cook have launched an inclusive strategy that ensures that they can appeal to all different types of people.

The brand have incorporated the campaign into their logo, and switching the ‘You Want, We Do’ campaign name around has allowed them to adopt a very versatile strategy that reaches a vast audience. For example, their Facebook header features the slogan; ‘They want to dive in; we want to relax,’ alongside the caption ‘The want playtime; we want family time.’ Switching up the campaign name whilst still following the same stylistic tendencies is one of this campaign's strong points as it allows them to appeal to all types of travellers. 

The brand have also launched a new advert to compliment their social efforts which you can take a look at here.

What’s great about this campaign is that it can be so easily adapted to appeal to a wide range of prospects. However, the brand haven’t launched a hashtag alongside this campaign which is an intriguing step to take. Although there is little research as to why brands may chose not to use a hashtag, there is a lot supporting the use of one, with Social Media Today claiming that using hashtags can increase brand engagement by 50%.

Without a hashtag, the brand may struggle when following the campaign conversation on social because they have no way of monitoring it. There also isn’t a way for customers to interact with the campaign beyond replying to posts that Thomas Cook have put together, leading us to the conclusion that Thomas Cook are not making full use of all the avenues available to them in this campaign - something other travel brands can learn from.


3. Virgin Atlantic

Playing on the idea of ‘breaking’ new year's resolutions, and also alluding to the term that a holiday is a ‘break’, Virgin Atlantic have been very clever with their latest, versatile digital campaign.

Alongside a TV campaign, Virgin Atlantic have taken the campaign to their social channels with real gusto. Their imagery features fun, playful and bright colours whilst also keeping in the red and purple branding, and they’re actively promoting living life to the full on a level we’ll all relate to after breaking our New Year promises. This is especially true considering the average length of time people usually keep to their resolutions is only 24 days.

Virgin Atlantic are proving that they understand their customers and are there to help them get over their new year failures. is a fantastic campaign that shows that the brand has paid close attention to their target audience and what will appeal to them, and the amount of interactions their social posts are receiving is certainly evidence of this working effectively.


4. easyJet

Keeping within their signature style, easyJet have launched a campaign with their branded white text on an orange background.

The ‘Why Not’ campaign is all about doing the things that you want in life, because, why not? Their social posts and website support this by featuring alongside a range of different destinations that also coincide with Rick Stein’s television show Long Weekends.

easyJet also feature their campaign alongside some great deals and offers to pull prospective buyers in.

The campaign acts as the little tempting voice in the back of prospect’s minds, which in turn draws them to the advertisement. It’s a great campaign from easyJet who always do so well when it comes to achieving digital marketing success.


5. On The Beach

Our final travel campaign that we absolutely adore comes from On The Beach.

This fun, consumer-focused travel brand are well adept when it comes to launching successful campaigns, and nowhere is this more obvious than .

The campaign has recently adopted a TV advert which you can view here, and they’ve taken an extra step beyond the other brands in this article.


On The Beach have thought carefully about how to appeal to their target audience, as well as how to introduce new content styles to their campaign. For example, they’ve collaborated with a Gaydio DJ to generate a holiday playlist. This, matched cleverly alongside a fun GIF and his celebrity Twitter status, will likely prove fruitful for the brand when it comes to meeting their marketing KPIs.

We can’t wait to see how far the brand take this throughout the rest of the year, as well as the new content types they adopt to promote the campaign. They’re already moving beyond the realm of launching a hashtag supported marketing strategy, and are adopting various types of content to support their campaign.


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