The Best Marketing Campaigns Launched in 2016 So Far
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The Best Marketing Campaigns Launched in 2016 So Far

The Best Marketing Campaigns Launched in 2016 So Far

2016 has been an exciting year so far in the realm of Marketing, and we’ve already seen some amazing campaigns from a variety of brands. But what have been the best to hit the advertising waves this year?

We’ve dug around and pulled them out of the woodwork for you to enjoy!

1. Carlsberg - Call To Arms

Unless you’ve been living on another planet, you’re probably aware in some way that the 2016 Euro has been in full swing - and as usual England didn’t really last too long.

However, Carlsberg took a more believing stance in May of this year with their Call To Arms advert. Created in a pub, the advert shows an enthusiastic fan calling the people of England to pull together, forget about everything else, and support their team.

It’s a nice sentiment, as well as an advert that makes you feel a little patriotic by the end of it.

Although England are out, it’s nice to remember a time when we did actually have some hope!

Take a look at the ad below.


2. Always - LikeAGirl Campaign

Always have done something extra special with their latest ad campaign, which sees them take a phrase that’s sometimes used in a derogatory manner ‘You throw like a girl!’ and turned it into something to aspire towards.

Like A Girl uses a hashtag on Twitter and has print and digital adverts.

We really love the advert we’ve been seeing on our televisions too that features girls partaking in sports that previously may have been thought of as male-dominated such as boxing, football and weightlifting.

Always are encouraging people to keep playing sports no matter what.

Take a look at the ad.


3. McDonald’s - Hello Good Times campaign

McDonald’s always tends to have some kind of campaign running, and their latest one hails to the hashtag .

Below is a screen grab of the campaign on Twitter, and it seems to be garnering good response rates with 188 likes and 35 shares - although with 180k on the UK Twitter account, they could be doing better!

They’re paying for Adverts on youtube, and one of them you’ll discover is Tinie Tempah taking over a McDonalds and performing. It’s quite an impressive feat, and is certainly going to appeal to the young adults and teens that this campaign is clearly targeted towards.

Check out the live performance below!


4. Garnier- The Olia Effect

Garnier spend a lot of time advertising their hair dye, using celebrity endorsements such as Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton and Davina McCall, and their latest campaign is The Olia Effect.

Olia hair dye is one of their new products that promises that your hair quality will improve with their product, and by creating the hashtag , they’re getting real-time feedback from fans through the likes of Twitter.

Their campaign is also seeing Fearne Cotton letting the nation choose her hair colour as can be seen below. Although we are quite dubious as all the colours look practically identical, it’s a great way to get people interacting with the brand on this new campaign!


5. Extra Gum - Give Extra Get Extra

Extra Gum are all about sharing in their latest campaign, which has seen them launch Give Extra Get Extra. If you head onto their social account you’ll see it all in action, and what we really love about this one is their innovative way of creating artwork for it.


As you can see, they have been sketching onto the back of chewing gum wrappers, which we think really is delightful. It’s great to see a brand doing something a little different and it makes a big difference when it comes to creating awareness.

Although they haven’t reached the same reach as McDonalds in their post, Extra only have less than a fifth of McDonald's users, so when you take this into consideration their posts are definitely doing very well.


Pixel8 and Marketing Campaigns

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look back at 2016’s best campaigns so far! Which is your favourite? And are there any that you think we’ve missed? Tweet us and let us know!

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