The Benefits of Facebook Advertising - and How to Get Those Much-Needed Results
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The Benefits of Facebook Advertising - and How to Get Those Much-Needed Results

The Benefits of Facebook Advertising - and How to Get Those Much-Needed Results

Here at pixel8, we love a good social advertising campaign.

Not only does it show the power of social media in the modern world of advertising - they also wield quantifiable results for our clients, proving the ROI on social media activity.

We're thrilled to have the opportunity to run special Facebook Advertising campaigns on behalf of our client, Bolton Kia, Europe's No.1 Kia dealership. Here is a breakdown of a recent campaign we ran for them.


The Campaign - What Was The Deal?

The focus of the advertising campaign was the launch of the All-New Kia Sportage which Bolton Kia wanted to promote via Facebook Advertising. Known as the ‘Big Wow Event’, the idea was the generate a huge buzz around the new vehicle and the new 2016 plates that were coming out too. The key objectives were to increase page likes, boost post engagement, and ultimately to drive target customers to the Bolton Kia website.


Who Did We Target?

When it came to targeting the advert, we knew we had to be selective. We targeted those who had shown an interest in similar models to the Sportage - competitor vehicles, in other words - and those who live in Bolton with an interest in car purchases and automotive news.

The results that followed were spectacular.

There were benefits from all angles including an increase in page likes, website clicks and more.


What Did We Achieve?

When it came to the results of the campaign, we had a very happy client indeed.

  • There were 73 new post likes

  • 1,067 post engagements such as comments, shares, and link clicks

  • We reached 6,183 targetted Facebook users for a small budget of £55.

We also gained the following results across a Page Likes campaign to raise awareness of the brand. For this, Bolton Kia received:

  • 67 new page likes in just a fortnight

  • Had a page reach 4,812 Facebook users - 21% of these were male car users based in Bolton between 25 and 34 years of age, right on the nose for their target demographic objective.

There was also 210 direct visits to the website, as well as 109 visits via page likes and the post engagement.

In total, the reach was an incredible 21,666 unique Facebook users who met their target demographic.

The Second Campaign

Yet our results did not slow down. We also launched a second campaign to promote the launch of the 2016 registration plate which we ran alongside the Sportage promotion.

This post promotion targeted the same audience and also yielded some incredible results.

  • 78 post reactions

  • 347 post engagements


  • 17,329 targeted Facebook users reached- 23% of which were males between 35-44.

The page itself also gained more awesome results including:

  • 44 page likes

  • 5,058 targeted users reached

  • 269 direct clicks to the website

The total reach of the campaign was 27,429 - a figure we are really proud of!


The Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Facebook have made it incredibly simple to target your adverts and ensure they’re seen by the right people, at the right time.

This means that there are a wealth of benefits to advertising via this social platform.

There are 1.591 billion active monthly users on Facebook and this is an audience you can tap into if you know how.

Because Facebook allows you to target the precise user you’re trying to sell to, it’s more often than not that you’ll see results in terms of reactions, page likes, shares and much more.


If you’d be interested in social advertising for your business and would like to yield results, why not see what we can do for you here at pixel8?

Our Digital Marketing manager Sian is an expert in all things social. So to invest right and gain the results you’re looking for, be sure to give her a call on 0161 228 6489.

If you’d like to read up more on social media, we recommend you take a look at our blog too. 

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