How to Create the Perfect Logo for your Hotel
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The Beginner's Guide to Creating the Perfect Logo for your Hotel

The Beginner's Guide to Creating the Perfect Logo for your Hotel

When it comes to creating an effective brand for your hotel, one of the most important parts is your logo. This is the symbol that’s going to feature everywhere from your website through to every piece of branding collateral you produce. So it’s important that you get it right!

But what does it take to create the perfect logo?

Take a look below for the expert advice provided by us here at pixel8!


Decide on the personality of your hotel

To decide on the type of the logo, you need to decide on your hotel's brand personality. Are you hoping to attract customers with a friendly and approachable personality? Or perhaps you want to show that your hotel is a formal, high class and regal affair? Whatever you choose, it needs to be reflected in your logo design.


Select the right colours

Colour charts

One of the easiest ways to project your hotel's personality in your logo is by choosing the right colours. They are actually incredibly powerful when it comes to portraying certain brand personalities, so it's important that you get it right.

With this in mind, we've outlined some of the most common brand colours below and what they could say about your hotel. 


Blue: There are some hotel companies out there who use blue in their logo. Most notably they are the Best Western and Travelodge.

Blue is a colour that has a calming effect and helps to generate trust between business and customer - so make sure you keep this in mind if this is the type of vision you want to create for your hotel!


Red: Red is quite a striking colour, and the brands that use this colour know and appreciate the effects of this colour shade.

One of the most iconic brands that use red is Coca-Cola, but Kellogg's, CNN, KFC and many more also use it too. Supposedly, red is the first colour the eye registers when it takes in a view - so if you want to stand out and show your passion in the hotel sector then red could be the ideal colour for your establishment.


Orange: Orange is the colour we picked for pixel8, and this is for good reason. Orange is a creative and fun colour - and that’s exactly what we're all about!

If you consider other brands that also use orange such as children's television channel Nickelodeon and popular drink Fanta, you’ll know already that they like to portray a fun personality. That's simply the power of a great brand logo for you!

If you want a fun and informal hotel image for your brand, then orange could also work for you too.


Yellow: Yellow is another colour that projects enthusiasm, and one of the key brands that uses this in their logo is McDonald’s.

When you think of this logo, you’re likely to also think of joy too - and that’s exactly what McDonald’s want.

Consider this colour if you’re a bubbly hotel that wants to spread happiness to any customers that decides to stay in your establishment.


Green: If you choose the colour green for your hotel brand’s logo, you’ll be portraying that your establishment is a trustworthy and calm place.

It’s also a colour that has recently become associated with recycling and the environment, so make sure you think about this if you’re considering a green design to represent your hotel.


Choose the right logo type

Another thing you need to consider for your hotel logo is the type of design thay you want to adopt. Would you like your logo to be mostly text? Or perhaps you’d like to incorporate some kind of image to represent your business as well?

Or maybe you would rather just have an image and no text at all?

Whatever you go with, you need to make sure it represents your establishment perfectly. This is especially true your logo is just an image.

There’s no point in having a logo with a pig on it for your hotel, it's irrelevant - so make sure you think it through before you set your logo in stone.


Consider expert advice


To really make a logo that will stand the test of time for your hotel, it’s important to get some expert advice and guidance. A branding agency/designer could be exactly what you need to take your logo above and beyond the competition in the leisure sector, and it will also ensure that your logo is perfectly matched to your hotel's brand.

Anyone who works in the branding sector will know what does and doesn’t work when it comes to designing a striking and impressive logo - so if you want to make a statement with your own it’s important that you consult this avenue.


Logo design and pixel8

Here at pixel8 we know what it takes to create an amazing hotel logo, but our expertise doesn’t stop there. We also know how to expertly refresh a brand logo so that it keeps everything you love whilst also looking updated.

If you’re seeking some logo guidance for your company then why not see what we can do for you today?

Feel free to give us a call on 0161 228 6489 to find out more, or you can alternatively drop us a quick email at with any questions and queries.

We love designing logos, and we love new projects. So what are you waiting for? 


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