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5 Video Marketing Tips to Transform Your Integrated Campaign
 By 2017, it is predicted that video content will account for 69% of all digital activity - according to research by Cisco.Think about that. That means nearly ¾ of all online traffic will be attributed to users watching videos.
How to Produce Insanely Detailed Brand Guidelines for Crowne Plaza
We’ve done some crafty investigation work.And despite the variety of content the pixels create on a weekly basis, there’s one page that continually ranks highly on our analytics: Crowne Plaza Brand Guidelines.
How to Create Editorial Guidelines That Won’t Infuriate Your Team
 Ever bought a new smartphone, only to discover it came with a 20-page instruction manual?Ergh. All you really wanted was to start using your phone. But now you’re stuck reading what feels like one of those small Penguin classics. You know, the small orange ones you can buy for just 80 pence (bargain!).
How to use Buffer to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile
 There are an abundance of opportunities for committed fans of LinkedIn.Offering the chance to connect with influencers, browse the latest job offers, and snoop on colleagues, LinkedIn isn’t short of its use. But - unfortunately - there is one hurdle that impacts us all: time.


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