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6 Top Notch Website Designs

6 Top Notch Website Designs

We all know how important a fab web design is when interacting with customers. For instance, nobody wants to have to explore the depths of a hotel’s index page when they simply want to skim room prices or photo galleries. But, in addition to this, we all love when a website has a bit of extra pizzazz and detail to make us take notice.

We have gathered together some cracking examples of websites showcasing everything from awe-inspiring visuals to sound design and interactivity, all to capture your attention and leave a lasting impression. Get comfortable and prepare get yourself lost in these stunning website designs.


World of SWISS 

First up, SWISS airlines. Designed to tell the SWISS story and engage the visitor with their staff, as well as immerse you in their flying experience, this website goes well above and beyond usual marketing. An ingenious world map simultaneously marks all their destinations as well as all flights currently in the air; a unique way of showing visitors where they can go with SWISS airlines.

Ex Machina

The creators of the movie Ex Machina did a stunning job of making the website to promote it. The black background with animated constellations slowly moving around and consistent theme of font give the page an ethereal feel. This website design also follows the single page scrolling design with the addition of shortcuts to allow you to jump to different parts of the page. This design suits the sci-fi movie perfectly, and does a great job of portraying the theme of the film itself.

The History of Climate Change

Another web design with stunning visuals is Ice & Sky’s The History of Climate Change. The difference here is that rather than relying on photography, this site uses animated illustrations and videos to tell their story to educate visitors. Flawlessly executed, this website is certain to entertain and enlighten children and adults alike.

Killing Kennedy

Utilising a similar scrolling story display with different visual mediums, Killing Kennedy from the National Geographic contrasts the lives of President JFK and his killer Lee Harvey Oswald. This smooth immersive technique employs videos, audio, photos, along with relevant documents and facts to illustrate their timelines, marking the 50th anniversary of JFK’s death.

Land Rover

Land Rover have created a sleek and high tech website that perfectly reflects their luxury brand while also giving a nod to their more rugged counterparts. Sweeping photography and video of the cars tackling rough terrain and just looking very cool all round makes the design very aesthetically pleasing. In addition to this the design is very easy to use, and it also has some entertaining features like “Build Your Own” configurator to allow you to customise a Land Rover of your own.


Eurovision also created a commemorative website for the contest’s 60th anniversary in 2016. Its sleek timeline guides you through the decades, highlighting the winners and notable contestants as well as guiding you through notable political and cultural challenges of the times. The ingenious layout of statistics and facts contributes hugely to the attractiveness of the web design, which again uses a combination of photo, video and text to tell the story of Eurovision through all its years.

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